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20 Stylish Gallery Wall Ideas

Looking for some beautiful gallery wall ideas or ways to exhibit a cool architectural piece, you are reading the right post! In the article today, we will introduce 20 Gallery Wall Ideas to create the perfect display for your living space. Whether you want to add character to your home with eye-catching gallery wall ideas from picture walls and clever display ideas for your lounge, bedroom, hallway, and more, there is something for you.

All home has blank walls that would be perfect for a gallery. From the living room to the bedroom to the stairway, there are many opportunities to add a bold focal point to a bland or basic-looking space. A well-laid gallery wall not only allows you to display all of your favorite pictures at once but also adds endless visual interest to any room in the home. Check out these ideas here and start building your own.

#1 Create Your Own Gallery Wall

Source: Everyday-ellis

#2 Gallery Wall Magic Light Trick

Source: Liketk

#3 Farmhouse Style Gallery Wall

Source: Melaniejadedesign

#4 Gallery Wall With Old Family Pictures

Source: Birkleylaneinteriors

#5 Vintage Metal Tray Gallery Wall

Source: Inspiredbycharm

#6 Farmhouse Style Gallery Wall for Spring

Source: Itsoverflowing

#7 Picture Frame Gallery Wall

Source: Kristendukephotography

#8 Modern Gallery Wall

Source: Gemmalouise

#9 Chine Plate Gallery Wall

Source: Ariyonainterior

#10 DIY Photo Wall

Source: Tabelle

#11 Mirror Gallery Wall from Thrifted Frames

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#12 Farmhouse Style Gallery Wall for Spring

Source: Sarahjoyblog

#13 Colorful Basket Gallery Wall

Source: Kellyelko

#14 Old Book Gallery Wall

Source: Hometalk

#15 Chopping Board Gallery Wall

Source: Dorisleslieblau

#16 Empty Frame Gallery Wall

Source: Harborhome32

#17 Art Gallery Wall

Source: Craftberrybush

#18 Kitchen Gallery Wall With Personal Pieces

Source: Jamie Kenworthy

#19 Bright Letter Gallery Wall

Source: Bystephanielynn

#20 Wine Cork Gallery Wall

Source: Pinterest

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