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20 Upcycled Bathtub Garden Projects

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom and want to replace your old bathtub with a new one. Instead of tossing it away, let’s save and try with some of the 20 Upcycled Bathtub Garden Projects today. These ideas are amazing ways you can reuse them into a beautiful statement piece, a new purpose in your outdoor space. Spend your time learning about them with us.

Taking them a look you will see that they are impressive artworks, right? From a planter, outdoor furniture, and many other transformations. They are some of the smartest ideas around the world for those who love creativity to make the most of old or unused bathtubs into something exciting, innovative, and functional. Just need your creative ideas, everything is simple that will be great. And after reading this post, we hope you’ll be inspired to upcycle your old bathtubs according to your own ways.

#1 Small Succulent Garden

Source: Flickr

#2 The No-Dig Vegetable Garden

Source: Gardenbetty

#3 A Garden Pond in an Old Bathtub

Source: Empressofdirt

#4 Tub Fountain, Showering Frog

Source: Jona Thomson

#5 Outdoor Pond

Source: Diyeverywhere

#6 Drunk Bathtub

Source: Belleoftheballdesigns

#7 Wildflower Planter

Source: Media.vogue

#8 Spilled Pot Idea

Source: Deanna

#9 Bathtub Chair

Source: Cindy Martini

#10 Bathtub Marys

Source: Sfgate

#11 Small Pond Idea For Ducks

Source: Lushome

#12 Water Fountain

Source: Verna Toms

#13 Using An Old Bathtub As A Container

Source: Acultivatednest

#14 Fairy Garden In A Bath

Source: Pinterest

#15 Salvaged Cast Iron Tub Planter

Source: Sandy Scott

#16 Garden Seat

Source: Growsonyou

#17 DIY Water Feature With Stone

Source: Pepitolecolo

#18 Mosaic Flower Pot

Source: Flickr

#19 Claw Foot Tub Outdoor Seating

Source: Kelly Schwierzke

#20 Bathtub Pond

Source: Nichole Stellato

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