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21 Best Strawberry Gardening Tips

21 Best Strawberry Gardening Tips

There is nothing better than enjoying fresh strawberries right in your garden, right? If you think that growing strawberries is hard work, let’s think again! Not only are strawberries incredibly easy to grow, but once you’ve had a little bit of practice, you’ll realize that these are fruits that can be cultivated just about anywhere, too. Get our tips today to know how easy they are.

We believe that when applying these tips for your strawberry garden, the best result is waiting for you ahead. In addition, if you don’t have a large garden, you can grow them indoors. Because growing strawberries at home is a new trend and preferred by many people, especially for those who love indoor plants and housewives. The simple reason, they not only have bright red fruits that bring nutrients for health but they also can be decorated houses.

#1 Plant Early

The earlier you can plant your strawberries, the better! That way, you’ll be able to enjoy fruit longer into the summer.

#2 Give Them Space

The more room you can give your strawberry plants to spread, the better. Give them at least 12 inches (30 centimeters) to grow in depth and 16 inches (40 centimeters) between your rows.

#3 Lots of Sun

Strawberries love being grown in the sun! Make sure to plant early in the morning or late in the day. Once their roots are established, they will love the sunlight

#4 Consider a Raised Bed

Growing in a raised bed is the perfect choice for gardeners with less than ideal soil, as well as those who want to make the most of limited space.

#5 Watch Your Drainage

Strawberries like to be watered well, but they don’t want to be drowned! Prevent waterlogging by making sure the soil you grow your plants in is well-draining. You can plant your berries in mounds, which will prevent its soil from becoming too damp, or you can grow them in mulched beds for best results.

#6 Make Sure You Feed Them, Too

Fertilizing is essential if you want to grow healthy, productive strawberry plants. When you first see flowers appear, it’s time to fertilize. Use one that is high in potash for the best results.

#7 Remove the Runners Regularly

If you want to experience the best possible harvest, consider picking the early flowers that appear on your strawberry plants. This will help to promote regular growth. You can also get rid of runners. Strawberries spread via underground stolons, or runners, so removing and replanting these will control their spread and also give you more plants to relocate as you please!

#8 Plant Several Varieties

There are all kinds of varieties you can plant in your strawberry beds. Generally, you can lump strawberries into four categories – day-neutral, alpine, everbearing, and June bearing.

#9 Prevent Verticillium Wilt with the Right Varieties

You can easily prevent the likelihood of various fungal diseases, including red stele, botrytis, and verticillium wilt by planting varieties of strawberries that are resistant to these diseases.

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