21 DIY Rustic Kitchen Decorating Projects

Kitchens are warm, welcoming spaces where the entire family shares and enjoys together meals. If you want to make something authentic, natural, and rough-hewn quality for your kitchen, explore these 21 DIY Rustic Kitchen Decorating Projects for some inspiration on how to create your own ideas. Specially, all are really, really easy!

These ideas bring creative projects that you can take advantage of old items around your home to turn into a classic paradise without spending a fortune buying them or time doing it. You can start small with wood spoons, serving trays of eye-catching paint and well-loved kitchen mittens, and more. In addition, the decorating style will bring a casual and inviting feel to any home, from the city to the countryside, from small spaces and large spaces.

#1 Red and Black

Source: Cindy Lipp

#2 A Cook Sign on Wall

Source: Teresa Haddan

#3 Serving Tray Idea

Source: Diane Butkowski

#4 Hanging ” Wash Your Hands” Sign

Source: Etsy

#5 “Eat Good Food” Sign

Source: Pinterest

#6 Unique Box Planters

Source: Dengarden

#7 Coffee Area

Source: Funkyjunkinteriors

#8 “Kitchen Rules” Sing Made From Old Wood Chopping Board

Source: Jill Koeth

#9 Chopping Board Display On Wall

Source: Linda Toon

#10 Distressed Fork and Spoon Friends

Source: Pinterest

#11 White ” EAT” Sign

Source: Thespruce

#12 White Hanging Wooden Spoon and Fork

Source: Gwen Kinley Woodring

#13 Cast Iron Skillet Candle Primitive

Source: Pinterest

#14 New Version Flower Vase

Source: Pinterest

#15 Simple Hanging Wood Crate Shelf

Source: Pianetadonne

#16 Eating Wall Art

Source: Pinterest

#17 Kitchen Mittens Hanging Decor

Source: Michelle Brinkman

#18 Rustic Hanging Home Sign

Source: Dengarden

#19 Wooden Spoon Wall Art

Source: Countryliving

#20 Metal Teaspoon And Burlap Artwork

Source: Pinterest

#21 Grill Sign

Source: Etsy

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