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21 Easy DIY Bathroom Shelf Ideas

No matter how large or small your bathroom is, storage options are great solutions that will help organize your stuff. Clutter is a common problem in every bathroom, so without shelving, toiletry items and other personal necessities are hard to locate. If are finding ways to reorganize your bathroom cleaner or you’re not sure what type of bathroom shelving you should install on your walls, today we want to share 21 Easy DIY Bathroom Shelf Ideas to get you started.

These ideas not only help you benefit from having more storage but also decorate your bathroom more impressive with simple and rustic decoration. From repurposed ladders or old wooden pallets to crates, there are a number of clever editorial-worthy ways to add some edge to your bathroom while eliminating cumbersome clutter. All of them are rather than buying them a great way to save yourself a bit of cash. Just pick a project, and soon you’ll have a new spot to store those extra towels, toilet papers, bottles of shampoo, or bars of soap!

#1 Hanging Wooden Shelf

Source: Society19

#2 Galvanized Tub Shelf

Source: Etsy

#3 Ladder Shelf Over

Source: Ana-white

#4 Easy DIY Floating Shelf

Source: Farmfoodfamily

#5 Painted White Bathroom Farmhouse Ladder Shelf

Source: Etsy

#6 Wooven Basket Shelf

Source: Hertrack

#7 Farmhouse Bathroom Shelf

Source: Thepaintedhinge

#8 Wood Crate Shelf

Source: Parati

#9 Half Wine Barrel Wood Wall Shelf

Source: Westelm

#10 Corner Shelf Idea

Source: Simplifiedbuilding

#11 Simple Wooden Shelf

Source: Deavita

#12 Boat Shaped Towel Wall Rack Shelf

Source: Completely-coastal

#13 DIY Floating Ladder Shelf

Source: Anikasdiylife

#14 DIY Simple Brass Toilet Paper Shelf

Source: Homedit

#15 DIY Corner Floating Shelf Box

Source: Simplyalignedhome

#16 Organize Overflowing Bathroom Beauty Product Shelf

Source: Kevinandamanda

#17 Macramé Corner Shelf

Source: Tania Schmidtke

#18 Narrow Ladder Shelf

Source: Cartilly

#19 Old Chair Shelf Idea

Source: Pinterest

#20 PVC Pipe Shelf

Source: Etsy

#21 Simple Hanging Shelf

Source: Onekindesign

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