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21 Easy to make And Creative DIY Clay Pot Projects For The Weekend

Not only using clay pots for growing plants but there is also a wide range of clever ideas are inspired by this material. Our list today will share 21 Easy To Make And Creative DIY Clay Pot Projects For The Weekend. Regardless of wanting to make something for a functional purpose or merely to look whimsical, or decoration, they are collected here for you.

Water features, lovely pigs, flower pots, wind chimes, and more, all are the cleverest and the most adorable ways to transform those plain clay pots into impressive own pieces of artwork. In addition, clay pots are easy to buy at a cheap price. Or, you can reuse old clay pots and then paint them with bright colors to have a new look.

#1 Bee DIY Project

Image Credits: Frugaldealsdelivered

#2 Topsy Turvy Pots

Image Credits: Thekeeperofthecheerios

#3¬†Garden’s Flowering Pots

Image Credits: How-to-recycle

#4 Fairy Door Idea

Image Credits: Thewhoot

#5 DIY Clay Terracotta Pot Wind Chimes

Image Credits: Gardentherapy

#6 DIY Turtle Leg Project For Mini Succulent Planters

Image Credits: Tatertotsandjello

#7 Cute DIY Bird Bath

Image Credits: Farmfoodfamily

#8 DIY Clay Pot Flower Tower

Image Credits: Thewhoot

#9 Pretty Girl With Flower

Image Credits: Hometalk

#10 DIY Garden Tool Storage Use Clay Pot And Sand

Image Credits: Onegoodthingbyjillee

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