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21 Everyday Things That You Can Reuse For Your Garden

21 Everyday Things That You Can Reuse For Your Garden

Gardening can be extremely expensive, or you may not have to spend any money. It depends on way to that you take advantage of your old thing in gardening or just putting them in the trash. From potted plants to seeding mixes starting to plant seeds, seedlings to growing lamps, you can have these things in free with just the things they might seem ready to lie on the scrap heap.

And in this post today, we want to present everyday things that you can reuse for your garden. Instead of throwing them away, you can give them a new life with new tasks. For example, old mason jar into cute mini herb gardens, or transform popsicle sticks into markers the spot of everything you decide to grow, or milk jugs to protect your young plant from the frost, and more. They are useful, right? Reusing them is also a great way to preserve the environment and the life around you. So, let’s save and use them in your garden right now!

#1 Pallets

The pallet is the number one tool you can make use of if you want to stretch your gardening budget. Here are some ideas of what you can do with those pallets such as vertical herb planter, pallet garden, pallet compost bin.

#2 Mason Jars

Mason jars also have a lot of value in the garden. Mason jars can also be used to hold plants, to serve as seed starters, or even to organize small tools and tiny bits of gardening materials.

#3 Tires

If you have a few old tires laying around, you can make use of them in the garden. The best way is to make a planter. It is a valuable tool for a budget-savvy gardener.

#4 Trunks

If you have any old buckets lying around, don’t throw them out. You can use them as planters.

#5 Spoons

You can make a windchime out of spoons, which will add a gorgeous appearance and charming boho vibe to your gardening space.

#6 Popsicle Sticks

Don’t trash those popsicle sticks after your afternoon snack. Save them, they make great garden planters so that you can mark the spot of everything you decide to grow.

#7 Windows

Old windows make great cold frames. All you have to do is fashion the window to a DIY cold frame base and you’ll have a growing space that will let you produce delicious veggies even when there is snow on the ground.

#8 Stock Tanks

The old stock tank will make a great planter for your garden. This is one of the raised bed gardens as well.

#9 Colander

A colander will work wonders when used as a planter with its own built-in drainage system. You can fill it with all kinds of flowers, herbs, and other plants.

#10 Dresser Drawers

You can advantage of your old dressers and bureaus into gardening stands. Simply pull the drawers and plant directly in them, as long as you have some sort of drainage system built-in.

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