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21 Recycled DIY Flower Vase Ideas

There is nothing better than enjoying fresh-cut flowers every day, right? Besides, using vases to decorate with them also is a great way to add charm to your space. So, if you want to add some style to your home or office without breaking your budget, check out these 21 Recycled DIY Flower Vase Ideas today. We’ve collected perfect options for beginners or experienced DIY’ers on the list below.

Each of the vases here is a great starting point for your own creations as well as brings different beauties to your home. Creating your own vase gives you the space and comfort of doing things how you want. You can get the exact color, shape, and look that you desire without having to search and search. In addition to using these vases to decorate your own home or office, you can make them into wonderful gifts. Parents, friends, teachers, neighbors, or anyone else, all would appreciate your thoughtful homemade gift.

#1 DIY Tree Bark Flower Vase

Source: Homeiswheretheboatis

#2 DIY Farmhouse Vase

Source: Mylifefromhome

#3 DIY Light Bulb Vase

Source: Themerrythought

#4 DIY Vintage Recycled Tin Cans

Source: Thegraphicsfairy

#5 Black Flower Vases

Source: Pianetadonne

#6 Flower Bottle Vases

Source: Foekjefleur

#7 Glass Cup Flower Vase

Source: Eatwell101

#8 Jam Jar Dried Flower Vase

Source: Notonthehighstreet

#9 Wine Bottle Flower Vases

Source: Welke

#10 Wine Cork Inspired Vases

Source: Texasuncorked

#11 DIY Geometric Metallic Vase

Source: Thecraftpatchblog

#12 PCV Pipe Flower Vases

Source: Curbly

#13 Painted Coke Flower Vases

Source: Elle

#14 Bamboo Flower Vase

Source: Ameblo

#15 DIY Cement Rope Woven Vase

Source: Enthrallinggumption

#16 DIY Tea Cup Flower Vase

Source: Jenniferrizzo

#17 DIY Milk Jug Flower Vase

Source: Kelly Seidler

#18 Vintage Watering Can Vase

Source: Everydayliving

#19 DIY Cement Flower Vases

Source: Koch

#20 Teapot Flower Vase

Source: Ahomemadeliving

#21 Rustic Twig Vase

Source: Inmyownstyle

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