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21 Recycled Household Item Ideas For Your Garden

If you have non-use or old household items, don’t throw them away. Let give them a new life with our creative and useful ideas today. Here are 21 Recycled Household Item Ideas For Your Garden that will help you to transform the look of your garden in a quirky way. Just give them a look for the first time, you are sure to say “wow”! Believe us, they are fun and interesting at all. Check them out!

Toothbrush, tic tac boxes, empty soda bottle planter, mason jars, soap, and more, are familiar household items in daily life. And they are here to work their own mission, some are DIY projects that you can make easily with just your free time, a skillful hand, and your creativity. Others have great uses for applying for gardens to control weeds or pests. All is ready for what you want to do. Have you ever thought about them and tried them yet? If not yet, let’s save and start now.

#1 Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Source: Reddit

Toothbrushes cal help with artificial pollination, or clean vases and plants. Toothpaste can be used in the garden for deterring pests, curing bee stings, and prevent poison ivy itching.

#2 Sugar

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Sugar is good for keeping cutting flowers fresh longer.

#3 Tic Tac Boxes

Source: Craftionary

Using empty Tic Tac Boxes to store your seeds.

#4 CDs

Source: Rufusguide

Using Old shiny CDs to scare birds away from ruining your crops. Simply, you loosely tie the CDs to trees and hang them from bamboo canes and fences, then sunlight reflects on the shiny surface, it will frighten the birds.

#5 Soda Bottle Planter

Source: Dollarstorecrafts

Soda bottles can be made into vertical planters and containers from them for growing shallow roots plants.

#6 Nail Paints

Source: Condoblues

Using nail varnish writes on plant marker to keep staying longer

#7 Mayonnaise

Source: Freepik

Using creamy mayo can bring back the shine of large dusty plant leaves by dabbing some mayo on the leaf and gently wipe it off with a soft towel.

#8 Liquid Soap

Source: Thompson-morgan

Using Liquid Soap to repel aphids is a natural method. You can apply by adding one spoon of liquid washing gel in 500ml of water, then mix well, add the solution to a spray bottle and spray it directly on the aphids.

#9 Salt

Source: Thespruce

You can use table salt to control weeds by dissolving 2-3 teaspoons of salt in a liter of boiling water and spray.

#10 Mason Jars

Source: Ramshackleglam

You can use unused mason jars for different types of planters.

#11 Spices

Source: Treehugger

Cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper are common spices that have many uses in the garden. For example, cinnamon can repel rabbits, ants, squirrels and to kill mushrooms or is used as an alternative for rooting hormones. Turmeric can repel ants and heal wounds. Black Pepper with its antibacterial properties can protect plants from pests and ants.

#12 Newspaper and Cardboard

Source: Agardenforthehouse

Newspaper and Cardboard can be used to control weeds in your yard by laying a thick layer of newspaper and cardboard over them.

#13 Liquid Soap

Source: Homeguides

Liquid Soap also can repel aphids effectively by adding one spoon of liquid washing gel in 500ml of water, then mix well, add the solution to a spray bottle and spray it directly on the aphids.

#14 Old Iron Nails

Source: Fiberartsy

Old Iron Nails are great for acid-loving plants healthy by emitting iron oxide. You can put them in a watering can for a few days and use this water on plant soil.

#15 Duct Tape

Source: Greengardener

To keep the snails and slugs away from your pots, you can Wrap copper tape around the pot, as it will give them a bit of electric shock when they crawl through it.

#16 Bubble Wrap

Source: Longfield-gardens

Bubble Wrap can protect the roots of the plants in pots from the frost of winter by tying it with twine.

#17 Kitchen Utensils

Source: Houseofhawthornes

There are many kitchen utensils such as teapots, coffee cups, and other items that you can use to grow plants like succulents and cacti.

#18 Jeans

Source: Clairejustineoxox

You can also re use your old jeans as grow bags, pot covers, plant stands, tool bags, and more.

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