21 Unusual Things For Your Gallery Wall

21 Unusual Things For Your Gallery Wall

Do you know that there are plenty of other great things that you can add to your gallery wall to take it to the next level? Get into some of 21 Unusual Things For Your Gallery Wall and maybe you’ll find something to add to your gallery wall! A classic gallery wall not only consists of your favorite photos and art but also can break the rules by using unique items around your home.

When it comes to designing space for your home, one of the easiest ways to add some personality to your home is to decorate your walls. Just a simple DIY paint job will make a huge difference to your space without needing expensive art to do this. Because these ideas are inexpensive and easy ways, from DIY wall art projects to wall decor ideas, there is something for you. These ideas for gallery walls will inspire you for your next redecorating project to fill any blank canvas, big or small, with life.

#1 Faux Cardboard Flowers

Source: Archimel.canalblog

#2 Natural Driftwood Wall Decor

Source: Pinterest

#3 Repurposed Kitchen Utensil Wall Light Idea

Source: Fabartdiy

#4 Gold Metal Spoon Wall Decor

Source: Diariodesign

#5 A Big Twig Wreath Wall Art

Source: Anamaria Lupei

#6 Dried Palm Floral Wall Art

Source: The Little Lane House

#7 Hanging Flowers and Herbs Wall Decor

Source: Myroaminghome

#8 Wall-Mounted Hat Rack

Source: Houseandhome

#9 Macrame Plant Hangers

Source: Poppyapps

#10 Old Book Wall Art

Source: Cottonstem

#11 Gold Mirror Wall Gallery

Source: Lanidoesit

#12 Recycle Old Frame Wall Gallery

Source: Houzz

#13 Basket Art Wall

Source: Homebeautiful

#14 An Unique Tree

Source: Customizando

#15 A Plate Wall Art

Source: Prettydesigns

#16 Old Tool Wall Decoation

Source: Blog.blinds

#17 Turning Clutter into Creative Wall Decoration

Source: Lushome

#18 Take a Seat

Source: Lifewiththelittlers

#19 A Colorful Collection

Source: Blinds

#20 Display a Prized Collection

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#21 DIY Photo Wall Hanging

Source: Origamifrog

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