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22 Appealing Purple Flowering Groundcovers

Ground cover plants with purple flowers combine perfectly with colorful, low-growing, mat-forming creeping plants to give beautiful landscaping for your garden. The green leafy foliage and purple flowers will keep your garden looking vibrant, healthy, and full of life in all seasons. So, if you are want to change the look of your garden, these Groundcovers with Purple Flowers today are great options to add bright and elegant hues to your landscape.

Not only give an ideal look to the whole garden, but ground covers with purple flowers also bring some benefits to protect your garden such as controlling weeds, preventing soil erosion, or covering bare soil. The blooming carpet of foliage and flowers help reduce maintenance in gardens because the low-growing plants reduce the need for mulch. Some hardy varieties of low-growing plants are suitable substitutes for grass that you can walk on. What’s more, these best purple flowering groundcovers are generally low maintenance without requiring much care.

#1 Horned Pansy

group of perennial yellow-violet Viola cornuta, known as horned pansy or horned violet - Buy this stock photo and explore similar images at Adobe Stock | Adobe Stock

#2 Dalmatian Bellflower

#3 Ice Plant

#4 Society Garlic

#5 Wall Germander

#6 Spotted Dead Nettle

#7 Perennial Verbena

#8 Cranesbill

#9 Creeping Mazus

#10 Creeping Lilyturf

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