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22 Best Vine Plant To Grow In Containers

There are many beautiful and easy-to-grow flowering vines that grow well in limited space of containers. Growing climbing plants for containers will add a vertical touch to your container garden and help bring a real touch of nature to any place. Also, they are a good way to create a nest of greenery and add some private space where you relax and rejuvenate and harbor in the natural beauty. They not only produce beautiful flowers with lively colors but also their blooms have a mild soothing fragrance.

And in the article, we will write and introduce about 22 Best Vine Plant To Grow In Containers. These container-grown vines are best planted in a moist, general-purpose planting mix, and in a fairly large container. To help them grow best and avoid vines trailing down out of the pot, you’ll need a trellis, which you can buy or make yourself, to support them or train them according to your desire.

#1 Climbing Hydrangea

Source: Unknow

Climbing Hydrangea does well in plating zones from 5 to 8 and can reach 70 feet long. It prefers shade tolerant and semi-shaded positions.

#2 Honeysuckle

Source: Crocus

Honeysuckle can be grown diversely in a variety of climates of zones from 3 to 11. It thrives in full sun and regular watering.

#3 Climbing Rose

Source: Davidaustinroses

Climbing Rose has many varieties with beautiful flowers and pleasant rosy scents. To keep your plant attractive appearance, prune the plant on time and regularly remove the faded flowers.

#4 Dutchman’s Pipe

Source: Diegruenewelt

Dutchman’s Pipe has lush, large, and heart-shaped foliage also provide interest apart from flowers that have a mildly unpleasant odor.

#5 Wisteria

Source: Gardenersworldmag

Wisteria thrives in moderately cool climates.

#6 Moonflower

Source: Anniesannuals

Moonflower blooms at night with large trumpet-shaped fragrant flowers. To encourage more flowers, deadhead or remove the spent blooms.

#7 Morning Glory

Source: Heartseasecottage

Morning Glory is so easy to grow that makes it become a good choice for containers.

#8 Snail Vine

Source: Easytogrowbulbs

Snail Vine easy to grow snail vine in non-tropical zones. Its flowers have fragrant and white in the beginning then later unfurl to lavender-pink.

#9 Mandevilla

Source: Homegrown

Mandevilla displays graceful, funnel-shaped flowers that appear all summer. Although it requires a warm climate to grow best, you can still survive it as an annual in cooler zones.

#10 Canary Creeper

Source: Balconygardenweb

Canary Creeper puts out yellow flowers with the blooming period from summer to fall. Even, if it is grown in zones from 9 to higher in warm subtropical regions, it’s blooming time will last more.

#11 Trumpet Vine

Source: Gardeningexpress

Trumpet Vine has trumpet-shaped flowers that come in shades of yellow to red. It loves warm temperatures, it still can grow in cooler regions if it is protected from the cold in winter.

#12 Sweet Autumn Clematis

Source: Growingcolors

Sweet Autumn Clematis can grow in both the cold and warm climates in planting zones from 4 to 9. It features masses of amazingly fragrant flowers from late summer to fall.

#13 Passion Flower

Source: Theplantshop

Passion Flower produces exotic flair with extraordinary flowers. Give it full sun to enjoy its stunning flowers.

#14 Ivy

Source: Pasteldwelling

Ivy can adapt to all types of growing conditions and can grow up to 80 feet high. You can grow it in a container that is wide and shallow rather than narrow and deep for the best growth.

#15 Asarina Scandens

Source: Frustratedgardener

Asarina Scandens need a warm climate for its growth. It is a great option for containers as it seldom exceeds the height of 8-10 feet.

#16 Common Jasmine

Source: Balconygardenweb

Common Jasmine grows well in zones from 8 to 11 and is easy to grow in containers. It requires well-draining soil and warmth.

#17 Bougainvillea

Source: Brighterblooms

Bougainvillea is easy to grow, colorful and controllable. It is a tropical plant, so you need to protect it in winter in temperate zones.

#18 Sweet Pea

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Sweet Pea prefers to be grown in warm zones in fall and winter. When you grow it in a container, let’s choose bush-type varieties.

#19 Black-eyed Susan

Source: Gardenersworld

Black-eyed Susan requires a sunny place and a trellis to climb on because it can reach a height of over two meters with good care in the period flowering climbing plant.

#20 Butterfly Pea

Source: Nparks

Butterfly Pea grows well in planting zones 10 and 11. If you want to grow it, let’s give a medium to a large-sized container with a trellis to climb on from the initial stage.

#21 Cup and Saucer Vine

Source: Anniesannuals

Cup and Saucer Vine bloom prolifically when it is grown in an optimal bright location.

#22 Clematis

Source: Obeki

Clematis is a great option to add vertical height and interest to any container garden. Don’t forget fertilize it regularly and water it thoroughly and deeply.

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