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22 Clever Ideas To Decorate With String Lights

There is nothing better than your rest space is lit, right? Go for string lights! For the simple reason, they can be utilized as a lighting source for projects, such as nightlights and artwork. They have a soft, cozy glow that has a lot of appeal. Simply install some pretty string lights to really make it shine. In the list today, we’ve collected 22 Clever Ideas To Decorate With String Lights that suit any room in your home, from the living room, bedroom to the kitchen.

These ideas here are so creative, featuring everything from glass bottles to twinkle lights. Some of the following ideas are quite easy to decorate all space more beautiful and attractive by adding lighting. With the help of string lights, you also can enjoy the nighttime atmosphere and turn your living space into a perfect place whether it is day or night. Keep reading and get inspired!

#1 Breathtaking Way To Decorate With Tree Lights

Source: Popsugar

#2 Cork Bottle Fairy Lights

Source: Davidsbridal

#3 DIY Sun Light Idea

Source: Urbanoutfitters

#4 Wooden Picture Holder Photo Board With Led Light Free

Source: Fashionbubbles

#5 Old Ladder With String Light

Source: Buzzfeed

#6 A Unique Flower Vase

Source: Etsy

#7 String Light On Branch With Hanging Glass Candle Holders

Source: Pinterest

#8 DIY Spilling Solar String Lights


#9 Outdoor Fairy String Light Idea With Old Bicycle Wheel

Source: Amazon

#10 Winter Decor Idea

Source: Buzzfeed

#11 Liven Up Your Space With Birdcages, Fragrances Plants, And Fairy Lights

Source: Architecturaldigest

#12 Starry Warm

Source: Lights

#13 DIY Outdoor Fire Pit Made From String Lights And Woods

Source: Southernliving

#14 A Ride Of Light

Source: World of decor

#15 Star And Moon String Lights

Source: Sklum

#16 Lights In Tree Stump Slices To Illuminate Yard

Source: Pinterest

#17 DIY Indoor Flameless Fire Pit

Source: Sweetteal

#18 Twinkle Silver String Lights On Branches

Source: Crateandbarrel

#19 A Decorative Addition To A Non-functional Fireplace

Source: Shopterrain

#20 Wood Vases

Source: Etsy

#21 Small Balcony Lighting Idea

Source: Amelie Rault

#22 Mason Jar Wall Decor

Source: Etsy

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