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22 Fun And Unusual Ceiling Light Ideas

Finding ways to add a bit of brightness and a hint of glam to your home? There is nothing that gets this done better than a DIY ceiling light. If you are a DIY lover, the list of the 22 Fun And Unusual Ceiling Light Ideas is for you. We know that there is a multitude of designs and styles out there in the market you buy easily but once your own project is done, surely it is a great result and so fun!

Most of them are inspired by using recycled items such as teacups, empty mason jars, or old ladders. Or you can use natural materials like dry branches, bamboo, and logs. They all vary in styles, sizes, shapes, and hues, each has its own distinct charm. From the beauty of the recycled and the contemporary to the industrial-chic, there is something here for what you are looking for! These DIY ceiling light projects are great ways to get started because they are absolutely beautiful and make a very noticeable impact on your home. Not just that, they’re highly visible, lovely, and easily suit your home decor.

#1 Bamboo Ceiling Light

Source: Aliexpress

#2 Teacup Ceiling Light

Source: Pinterest

#3 Lighting Strainer

Source: Etsy

#4 Mason Jar Ceiling Light

Source: Sortra

#5 Ceiling Light Made Out Of Recycled Graters

Source: Homeandgarden.craftgossip

#6 Old Can Ceiling Light

Source: Homary

#7 Wood Ceiling Light

Source: Pinterest

#8 Branch Tree Ceiling Light

Source: Improvisedlife

#9 Skateboard Ceiling Light

Source: Gharpedia

#10 Teacup Ceiling Light

Source: Refabdiaries

#11 Old Ladder Ceiling Light

Source: Trendir

#12 Driftwood Ceiling Light

Source: Pinterest

#13 Log Ceiling Light

Source: Recyclart

#14 Metal Spoon Ceiling Light

Source: Casadevalentina

#15 Painted Tin Can Ceiling Light

Source: Instagram

#16 Teapot Ceiling Light

Source: Panelaterapia

#17 Bike Wheel Light

Source: En.dawanda

#18 Old Tire Ceiling Light

Source: Pink Zebra by Rhonda

#19 Bucket Ceiling Light

Source: Homedit

#20 Hat Ceiling Light

Source: Curbly

#21 Basket Ceiling Light

Source: Micasarevista

#22 Wood Slice Ceiling Light

Source: Deckenbeleuchtung

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