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22 Genius Ways To Upcycle Old Books

You love collecting good books to read every day, but they are more and more day by day. Your bookshelf can’t have enough space for them, this leads they become a mess in your home. What are the solutions to the problem? Don’t despair! Our creative ideas today will help you deal with your old books whilst keeping them stay in your home without laying them waste as trash, selling them, or burning them! Even, they can be turned into treasures you will love as the book worth of good books bring you!

And here are the 22 Genius Ways To Upcycle Old Books. There are many different projects that you can choose from. They are useful, cheap, and easy! From a plant stand, table, lamp, to lovely succulent planter, or indoor art sculpture, they all are created to inspire you. If you are interested in them, save them and try some.

#1 DIY Old Book Plant Stand

Source: Designsponge

#2 Old Book Table

Source: Bobvila

#3 Unique Clock

Source: Upcyclemystuff

#4 DIY Lamp Project

Source: Bhg

#5 A Fairy Garden

Source: Twitter

#6 Idea To Decorate Blank Wall

Source: Homelysmart

#7 Antique Book Vase

Source: Gahangirls

#8 Create Succulent Planter From Vintage Book

Source: Joyusgarden

#9 Photo Frames From Old Books

Source: Zenideen

#10 Lovely Key Hanging Hook Idea

Source: Boredart

#11 DIY Knife Holder

Source: Acraftymix

#12 DIY Floor Lamp

Source: Priya Sankar

#13 Christmas Tree Alternative

Source: Zerowastecalifornia

#14 Book Shelf…Literally!

Source: Kamichia {Glass Float Junkie}

#15 Chandelier Lit

Source: Flickr

#16 Old Books For Side Table

Source: Nicestthings

#17 Letters Cut From Old Books

Source: Etsy

#18 Storage Idea

Source: Ohhellofriendblog

#19 Tissue Box From Old Book

Source: Pinterest

#20 Book Paper Art Sculpture Tree of Life

Source: Etsy

#21 DIY Jewelry Boxes

Source: Diyprojectsforteens

#22 DIY BIrdhouse Idea

Source: Theidearoom

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