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23 Brilliant Water Feature Ideas That Made From Old Items Around The Home

Have you ever thought of reusing old items around your home yet? If not yet, after reading the article you will be get inspired! Throwing them away, if you do that, is actually a waste. There are many ways to reuse old household items instead of throwing them out. And in the article today, we are happy to share the list of the 23 Brilliant Water Feature Ideas That Are Made From Old Items Around The Home you will love trying, especially if you are a creative lover.

Most of you will think to put them in the trash or burn them firstly, but it has a long list to reuse that is waiting for you to explore. Taking them a look, you will see that all of them look so interesting and creative. Reusing old objects by the house into the garden not only helps reduce clutter but also protects the environment. Save and try some in your garden right now!

#1 Bowling Ball And PVC Pipe Garden Water Feature

Source: Instructables

#2 Old Hand Pump Water Feature

Source: Eeva Kissick

#3 Tea Pot Fountain

Source: Hometalk

#4 Cottage Garden With A Water Feature

Source: Frustratedgardener

#5 Old Watering Trough Water Feature

Source: Custommade

#6 Wooden Barrel Waterfall

Source: Empressofdirt

#7 Old Milk Can Waterfall

Source: Riette van der Westhuizen

#8 Container Water Garden

Source: Containerwatergardens

#9 Galvanized Stock Tank Water Feature

Source: Flickr

#10 Brocken Clay Pot Water Feature

Source: Flickr

#11 Rusty Vintage Water Pump And Wheelbarrow Water Feature

Source: Michelle Watts

#12 Whiskey Barrel And Wine Bottle Fountain

Source: Ryobitools

#13 Truck Waterfall

Source: Pinterest

#14 Hand Pump And Barrel Waterfall

Source: Sandandsisal

#15 Build A Fountain From Old Chair, Pots, And Pans

Source: Ruth Hoing

#16 Waterfall From An Old Vintage Well Pump

Source: Pinterest

#17 Water Can Fountain

Source: Becky Owens

#18 Watering Can Fountain

Source: Marie D.

#19 Pallets With Glass Rocks And Water Fountain

Source: Arye Algazy

#20 Water Fountain From Old Container

Source: Hometalk

#21 Water Feature Creek Rock and Boulders

Source: Shannon Deveau

#22 Bottle And Barrel Water Fountain

Source: Sue White

#23 Water Can Fountain

Source: Historymaniacmegan

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