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24 Beautiful Purple Succulents

Purple is one of the most beautiful colors, and it’s also the best color when it comes to succulents! That is the reason why there are so many different types, but many gardeners love growing purple succulent varieties as a centerpiece or a statement ornament in their house. And in the list today, we will share the collection of 24 Beautiful Purple Succulents for your purpose of entertainment. In order to learn all about these unique succulents, let’s continue reading.

Taking them a look, you will see that not every succulent on the list has the pure purple shade, some may have a hint of blue, violet, and deep maroon hue, but they all own unique beauty to add a pop of color to your indoor or outdoor garden. In addition, succulents are one of the easiest ways to warm up your space because they just need a little maintenance. So, if you are kind of lazy and forgetful but would love to have a living plant at home, they are a perfect choice.

#1 Purple Heart

Image Credits: Gardenia

#2 Ruby’s Necklace

Image Credits: Pinterest

#3 Job’s Beard

Image Credits: Garden

#4 Purple Pearl

Image Credits: Bolde

#5 Dark Purple Caralluma

Image Credits: Succulentsnetwork

#6 Purple Emperor

Image Credits: Growjoy

#7 Crested Purple Rose

Image Credits: Gardenia

#8 Purple Crassula

Image Credits: Flickr

#9 Ice Plant

Image Credits: High Country Gardens

#10 Purple Rose

Image Credits: World Of Succulents

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