25 Amazing Ideas For Pallet Planters

25 Amazing Ideas For Pallet Planters

Planters are one of the best things to make with pallets, along with backyard and garden fence. Easy, fun to make and inexpensive, pallet planters are perfect for DIY projects. These planters can be placed outside or inside, depending which plants you grow in. Vegetables, herbs, flowering plants and even succulents love living here. It not only offers you veggies for family meals but also add a charming decoration to the house. Who can resist?

And, here are 25 amazing ideas for pallet planters I would like to share you guys. They work when your garden is lack of room for your favorite plants. Even if it can afford, you may still give these a go. The more greens, the merrier. Those who live in an apartment should also build a pallet plant garden for their house. I always have a pallet garden of plants all year round. Let’s check them out!

#1 Pallet Vertical Planter with A-Frame Legs

It’s a brilliant “portable” pallet planter. To make it removeable, you can set it rolling wheels at the bottom!

#2 Pallet Planter Wall Mount + Pot Organizer

Let pallet wood do a little favor to you. This wall planter would be striking on the outside wall, then adding more charm to your house.

#3 Pallet Potting Bench Planter

Make a rustic bench out of pallet wood, lay it in the garden or backyard, and place favorite plant pots in here. And, don’t forget to decorate it well to grasp the eyes of any that pass by.

#4 Rustic Pallet Fence Wall Planter

This rustic plant bed is great to hang on any garden or fence wall.

#5 Pallet Vertical Succulent Planter

A pretty pallet house for succulents. To make it more eye-catching to hang on the outside wall, you can paint it with a favorite vivid color.

#6 Pallet Flower Planter on Wheels

As I love flowers, I always grow some at home. This pallet flower planter not only saves me a lot of space but also makes my house more rustic and poetic.

#7 Pallet A-Frame 2-Tiered Planter

I just love A-frame planter. It’s stylish and enables you to grow different flowering plants and herbs in.

#8 Pallet Pot Organizer

Who do not want this pallet pot organizer for their home? It’s pretty and stylish.

#9 Chain Supported Pallet Hanging Planter

Hang a cut down piece of pallet on a wall area and keep it structured with metal chain. Add soil pots to it to make a beautiful flower bed for the fence.

#10 Flat Wooden Pallet Planter

Unlike above pallet planters that are hang on the wall or stand still with wheels, this plant are lain flat on the ground and added flowering plants. An awesome outside decor!

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