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25 Beautiful and Unique Blue Succulents To Add Color To Decorate Your Home

Have you had blue succulents on your collection yet? They are spectacularly beautiful and at the same time very easy to care for. So, if you still don’t own any blue succulents, we’re here to introduce you to some of the best blue ones. And here are 25 Beautiful and Unique Blue Succulents To Add Color To Decorate Your Home. They will help you add a new dimension to your home with an unexpected surprise. Spend your time learning about them with us.

The color of these elegant, gorgeous plants ranges from pale blue-grey to dark blue with red edges to liven up your living space. The shapes are also very diverse and range from tall sword-like clusters to bunches of juicy tiny flower-like rosettes. Adding them to your home only brings a special beauty to your home but also gives house owners have calm, cool, and peaceful vibes to go through the hot days of this summer! They also have shapes to match the shade!

#1 Blue Glow Agave

This succulent grows slowly and forms rosettes of blue-green chalky leaves with serrated edges adorned in a gold-red ribbon.

#2 Creeping Blue Sedum

The Creeping Blue Sedum gives a beautiful fusion of blue and pink. It has fleshy round leaves in a blend of blue-grey shade with pink edges.

#3 Blue Frills Echeveria

This succulent shows off blue-green leaves with ruffled edges and symmetrical coral margins. It also grows orange-pink blooms in summers.

#4 Cana Echeveria

The Cana Echeveria has plump, cylindrical blue-green foliage.

#5 Happy Plant

This Happy Plant gives attractive rosettes of blue-green leaves with a thick cover of powdery dust. The leaf tips develop a blush pink to burgundy hue in direct sun or water shortage.

#6 Blue Sky Echeveria

This Blue Sky Echeveria is a pretty, fast-growing succulent that produces large rosettes of spatula-shaped, blue-green leaves with red tips.

#7 Blue Carpet Sedum

The blue-green leaves of this Blue Carpet Sedum are tightly clumped together, which makes it stand out in pots. It is also great for your hanging baskets.

#8 Blue Bean

This Blue Bean is low-growing succulent and has sprawling stems and blue-green leaves with red tips, grouped in small rosettes.

#9 Money Plant

This Money Plant has unique gray-green leaves with a tiny layer of hair on the surface. It also grows pink flowers that cover it entirely.

#10 Blue Echeveria

This Blue Echeveria forms beautiful clumps of short-stemmed, tight rosettes having fleshy oval-shaped pale blue-green leaves with pink tips.

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