25 Beautiful Trees And Shrubs That Can Bloom For The Longest Time In Your Garden

Shrubs are one of the best bright candidates that chosen to grow in parks, gardens, industrial parks, … Most of them are easy to grow, and not require to take care much. Even, they also still grow well in your oblivion. Besides, they help purify the air, create a fresh landscape that makes people feel more relaxed and happier.

And this is the reason in today’s article, we are happy to share 25 Beautiful Trees And Shrubs that will make your garden more vivid. Best of all, they can bloom for a long time so your garden is always full of colors. Each has its own unique beauty, and of course, you will have many options for your favorite as well as a suit for your garden. No matter your choice, growing them means you’re creating a more wonderful garden space in your own way. Let’s get started!

#1 Eastern Redbud

The eastern redbud is a pink flowering tree with small stems, it can easily reach more than 20 feet tall. Its first flowers in the early spring are the most jaw-dropping, but you’ll enjoy color all season since the plant then produces colors in shades of reddish-purple later on.

#2 Southern Magnolia

The Southern Magnolia produces fragrant, cream-colored flowers each spring, each of which is surrounded by a cluster of shiny evergreen leaves.

#3 Flowering Dogwood

The flowering dogwood is a spreading tree that produces horizontal branches. These branches keep the tree looking gorgeous, even during the winter months. Dogwoods can grow up to 40 feet tall and just as wide, producing gorgeous leaves that are pink in the spring and reddish-purple in the fall.

#4 Forsythia

The forsythia is a deciduous shrub, the forsythia produces arching branches with vibrant yellow flowers. Most people grow it as an informal hedge.

#5 Hyperion Dogwood

The Hyperion Dogwood is a unique plant that flowers first in early spring. This plant produces large white flowers that practically overlap to cover the tree in pure shades of white. The flowers fade later on in the summer, producing red fruits that birds will flock to in droves. In the fall, the tree changes colors with shades of gold, purple, and orange.

#6 Tree Hydrangea

The tree hydrangea is one of the hardiest kinds of shrubs you can grow. It produces large, cone-shaped white flowers each summer. These turn a red-brown shade and last until winter arrives. The plant can easily grow to ten feet tall.

#7 Flowering Cherry

This tree grows quite tall. It has beautiful pale pink flowers that open up in the early spring, the leaves will turn a sparkling gold as the weather cools in the fall. A hardy plant that is resilient to most insects and disease, it can be grown as a landscaping tree in zones 6 through 8.

#8 Smoke Tree

The Smoke Tree can be grown as a shrub or as a tree. It produces tiny flowers in the early summer that last, providing a uniquely smoky look, all autumn long.

#9 Rhododendron/Azalea

Both rhododendrons and azaleas tolerant of acidic soil and light shade, these plants both produce a prolific number of flowers in the spring. These flowers tend to hang on most of the season.

#10 Flowering Almond

This lovely flowering shrub is large enough for many people to consider it a shrub, but it doesn’t matter what you call it. The plant produces a bit more of a straggly growth later in the fall, but its color otherwise endures throughout much of the warmer months.

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