25 Best Plants and Herbs To Grow From Cuttings

25 Best Plants and Herbs To Grow From Cuttings

Many people choose to propagate new plants from cuttings. This saves you a lot of time. These plants are quick to grow and produce. Collect healthy cuttings of favorite plants right in your garden, then propagate them in soil pots or water glass jars. Just make sure that you give suitable maintenance and care to each type, moisture and sunlight, for instance. It’s also worth mentioning that some plants need to be trimmed off to give room for new plants to sprout.

And, here are 25 best plants and herbs to grow from cuttings. They will work with both beginning and experienced gardeners. Actually, there are some ways to grow new plants. Seeds, kitchen scraps, seedlings (from nursery), and cuttings (from garden plants) all work. Start with seeds tends to be harder than with the others. You must care the way seeds thrive, sprout, and become harvestable crops. This requires much patience. Why not let these cuttings help? let’s dive right in!

#1 Rosemary

You can take 3-5 –inches long tip cuttings in spring from new growth, or use heel or basal cuttings in fall for rooting in cold frame.

#2 Lavender

Take 3-inch tip cuttings in early spring and keep the rooting cold. Transplant the rooted plants directly into garden beds after 4-6 weeks. In summer and fall, heeled cuttings can be taken for spring planting the following year.

#3 Thyme

Take tip cuttings of several varieties of thyme in summer and inserted into some moist potting medium.

#4 Sage

Here is how to propagate your sage from cuttings: Take 4-inch semi-ripe basal cuttings in fall and pot up. Root them in medium warm frame and moist throughout winter and then transplant in spring.

#5 Basil

You can easily grow basil from seeds, but also choose tip cuttings taken at any time of the year and kept in a warm, protected place out of direct sun.

#6 Rose

Rose can not be missed in this category. Take 12-inch long hardwood cuttings of pencil thickness in fall and plant out in the chosen location. Water the cuttings thoroughly until winter.

#7 Horseradish

Lift the root in early spring and cut into 3-inch sections. Replant them a foot apart directly in the garden bed.

#8 African Violet

Pick young, healthy leaves with 2-3 inches of leafy stalk. After poking a hole with a chopstick at a 70-degree angle, insert the stalk of each leaf into a tray of moist compost and sand. Keep the tray moist and warm and in brightly lit area.

#9 Rex Begonia

Cut off a single leaf. Create a few slashes on the prominent veins on the underside of the leaf and place it on a moist bed of peat moss and sharp sand in equal proportions.

Lay the leaf down with a few pebbles so that the cut edges remain in contact with the bed. Keep in a warm, well-lit place and watch the new plants appearing at these cut edges.

#10 Fuchsia

This plant will add more beauty to your home. Just propagate it from cuttings taken in spring.

Tip cuttings with 3 pairs of leaves can be inserted into a moist compost-sand mix and kept covered with plastic to provide humidity and warmth. Plant them out in summer to get flowers in the same season.

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