25 Creative and Fun Backyard Game Ideas

25 Creative and Fun Backyard Game Ideas

The weekend is coming soon! It’s the time for fun outdoor activities. Instead of watching TV or searching the internet all time only, get your kids outside. Try playing with the 25 Creative and Fun Backyard Game Ideas. They are not only a blast to play, but the whole family can get in on the DIY game-making action. From tic-tac-toe with sweet summery painted rocks as game pieces to a football toss, a giant lawn matching game, or miniature golf with a full course, let’s check them out!

These games provide fun family bonding time and keep the kids occupied during playdates. You can create these DIY backyard games for any outdoor summer party in your own backyard. Creating one of them is an easy process that will help spark interest in everyone. All are unique and fun to encourage your kid’s imagination to run wild as well as connect all members closer. After reading this post, we hope that you and your kids will find some ideas that give them a try together.

#1 DIY Tic-tac-toe Painted Rocks Kids Nature Project Craft

Source: Kitchenfunwithmy3sons

#2 Music Wall

Source: Wehavekids

#3 Backyard Slingshot

Source: thecrazycraftlady

#4 DIY Painted Potato Sack Race Bags

Source: Eeadesign.blogspot

#5 Balloons Filled with Numbers to Match

Source: Diyinspired

#6 Coke Bottle Sprinkler

Source: Cleaneatingwithkids

#7 Paper Plate Ring Toss

Source: Fromabcstoacts

#8 Coffee Can Stilts

Source: Teachmama

#9 Soccer Noodle Domes

Source: Toddlerapproved

#10 Wood DIY Ring Toss Game

Source: Momendeavors

#11 A Ring Toss Yard Game

Source: Messestomemories

#12 Ping Pong Ball Nerf Targets

Source: Frugalfun4boys

#13 Bottle Ring Toss

Source: Decoart

#14 DIY Giant Backyard Frisbee Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Source: Diyadulation

#15 An Obstacle Game

Source: Theorganisedhousewife

#16 DIY Backyard Bean Bag Toss Game

Source: Thriftdiving

#17 DIY Giant Beer Pong Game

Source: Wichitabyeb

#18 Ball In Basket

Source: Karaspartyideas

#19 Mini Donut Game Night

Source: Resincraftsblog

#20 Cardboard Box Maze

Source: Lindsay Tull

#21 DIY Skeeball

Source: Momwithaprep

#22 “Fill the bucket” Game

Source: Tickledpinkinprimary

#23 Water Game

Source: Itsalwaysautumn

#24 Washer Toss

Source: Playgroundparkbench

#25 A Backyard Tetherball Set

Source: Oldsaltfarm

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