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25 DIY Cute Animals and Insects for Your Garden

Always finding ways to get rid of insects and mischievous animals visiting your garden? But after reading the post today, you will love their appearance in your garden. They don’t damage your vegetables, flowers, or other plants, in contrast, they look so cute and lovely to make your landscape more inviting. Check out 25 DIY Cute Animals and Insects that will be the focal point of your outdoor space. They are fun, creative, and easy to make!

You can use empty bottles to be turned into unique dragonflies or you can make use of rocks to make pretty animals or insects. You can also use a range of recycled items and natural materials such as old clay pots, tires, bowling balls, or wood slices to make them. They are garden art ideas that are made with a little effort and dedication to add a splash of color to your garden, yard, or anywhere around your home without spending your money. Get inspired and happy crafting!

#1 DIY Glass Bottle Dragon Fly

Source: Kitchenfunwithmy3sons

#2 Glass Bottle Peacock

Source: Diyprojects

#3 A Little Bug

Source: Flickr

#4 Beautiful Painted Rocks

Source: Lushome

#5 Wood Rabbit

Source: Kitchenfunwithmy3sons

#6 Scrap Metal Spider

Source: Removeandreplace

#7 Lovely Pigs

Source: Princesspinkygirl

#8 Hanging Tin Can Bee

Source: Diyncrafts

#9 A Cow from an Old Bathtub

Source: Ogorod.mirtesen

#10 A White Duck

Source: Ideastand

#11 Tire Frog

Source: Suzi Meierhof Knoop

#12 Rock Bugs

Source: Prudentpennypincher

#13 Rock Dragon Fly

Source: Maria Martins

#14 Rock Geckos

Source: Nellie Ouellet

#15 A Succulent Turtle

Source: H2obungalow

#16 Bowling Ball Bugs

Source: Deavita

#17 Bowling Ball Bee

Source: Upcycled-wonders

#18 Bowling Worm

Source: Wonderfuldiy

#19 Tire Turtle

Source: Designovas

#20 Clay Horse Flower Pot

Source: Teediddlydee

#21 Super Cute

Source: Karla Strunk

#22 Cute Dog

Source: Vyrobkyzlesa

#23 Hedgehog from Plastic Bottle

Source: Diyeverywhere

#24 Pretty Pigs

Source: Artesanatopassoapassoja

#25 A Shoe Bird

Source: Pinterest

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