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25 Easy-to-make Hanging Ideas For The Weekend

The weekend is upcoming! Do you want to make something in your home more attractive? In the post today, we will give you some great recommendations that you will fall in love with instantly. Here are the 25 Easy-to-make Hanging Ideas For The Weekend that will give your living space a playful look as well as make the most of all space in the home. They’re great to hang on the indoor wall or somewhere in your home.

There is nothing great than waking up every morning and drinking a cup of tea and looking at hanging flower baskets brightly that gently sway with the breeze, it creates a romantic natural scene. So, adding hanging ideas to indoor spaces and other areas around your home is a great way to bring the eyes up, adding another layer of visual interest to your indoor space as well. As you see, in addition to growing plants or flowers, you also can also grow your own indoor edible garden to add flavor to every meal. Let’s try some ideas with us!

#1 Hanging Cascading Plant Chandelier

Source: Homestolove

#2 DIY Hanging Macrame Terrarium Plant Hanger

Source: Marchingnorth

#3 Hanging Side Table

Source: Refinery29

#4 Hanging Wood Crate for Plant Pots

Source: Lapiece

#5 Haning Shelf For Bedroom

Source: Drivenbydecor

#6 Nautical Rope Mirrors

Source: Thelilypadcottage

#7 Hanging Vertical Home Decor With Wood

Source: Blog.moemax

#8 Hanging Minimal DIY Wreath

Source: Idlehandsawake

#9 DIY Hanging Pictures

Source: Frillsanddrills

#10 Hanging lamp

Source: Zen.yandex

#11 Hanging Rope Shelf Idea

Source: Completely-coastal

#12 Hanging DIY Driftwood Door Sign

Source: Sustainmycrafthabit

#13 DIY Hanging Branch Boxes

Source: Etsy

#14 DIY Hanging A-Shaped Idea To Display Air Plants

Source: Hilma Mainart

#15 DIY Floating Shelf

Source: Placeofmytaste

#16 DIY Hanging Plant Shelf

Source: Livingthegraylife

#17 Hanging DIY Decor Idea

Source: Pinterest

#18 Hanging Driftwood Jewelry Organizer

Source: Etsy

#19 DIY Hanging Mason Jar Planters

Source: Curbly

#20 DIY Colorful Hanging Plant Shelf

Source: Pinterest

#21 DIY Hanging Pipe Shelf

Source: Amazon

#22 DIY Hanging Kitchen Shelf

Source: Viladoartesao

#23 Hanging Herb Garden By Window

Source: Theodysseyonline

#24 Hanging Wood Slices

Source: Peinture Abstraite

#25 Hanging Ash Rope Box

Source: Remodelista

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