25 Plants That You Can Easily Propagate From Hardwood Cuttings

25 Plants That You Can Easily Propagate From Hardwood Cuttings

When it comes to propagation at plants, the hardwood cutting method is a great way to increase the stock of plants in your garden. In addition, this way will help you get them in free from the mother plant at a minimal cost. And, in the article today, we will share 25 Plants That You Can Easily Propagate From Hardwood Cuttings to fill in any gaps in your planting schemes. Check them out with us to know what plants that can use for this method!

The method not only gives you more plants for your garden but also can be a way to diversify income streams on your homestead. New plants could potentially become another yield that could be sold to neighbors or others in your area. Whether you are taking hardwood cuttings for your own use, or for sale, the list here includes different plants to propagate from hardwood cuttings such as deciduous shrubs, fruits, trees, and climbers.

#1 Blueberry

The blueberry plant is one of many berry plants that can be propagated via hardwood cutting. Taking it during the dormant season after a period of chilling, typically in late January through February.

#2 Viburnum Opulus

This plant has broad flower heads and vibrant autumn color, it grows well in heavy soils and is also quite simple to propagate from a hardwood cutting.

#3 Angel’s Trumpet

Angel’s trumpet produces lovely trumpet-shaped flowers, normally white in color, on hefty vines. They grow quite well when planted and propagated from cuttings.

#4 Abelia

Abelia is a shrub that’s easy to grow from a hardwood cutting. Dip your cutting in a rooting hormone, then put it in some soil. Cuttings from this plant if the wood is more than a year old.

#5 Blackberry

You can easily propagate a blackberry vine from a cutting, too. Disinfecting your planting tools when taking this kind of cutting, as blackberry plants are prone to disease.

#6 Shrub Roses

Shrub roses are some of the easiest in the rose types.

#7 Buddleja

It’s a self-seeding plant so you don’t have to propagate it in this way, but if you want more of one specific variety, taking a hardwood cutting is a great option.

#8 Raspberry

Raspberry is one of the fruiting plants that you can propagate from a hardwood cutting. It regrows so well that some people suggest rooting it in the water. Take a cutting from the primocane, or raspberry sucker, and transplant it in the spring, when it’s at least five inches tall.

#9 Crape Myrtle

The crape myrtle tree is also easy to propagate from a hardwood cutting. It is a deciduous shrub or small tree with gorgeous pink flowers and dark green foliage that turns yellow, orange, or red in the fall.

#10 Spirea

Spirea has gorgeous clusters of red, pink, white, or purple flowers. These flowers typically appear in the last spring and summer, but it’s the winter months you’ll want to pay attention to if you plan on

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