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25 Purple Flower Types To Grow In Garden, Pots and Planters

You love purple, and you want to your garden is full of this lovely color, you will love this post. Because we’ve listed 25 purple flower types to grow in the garden, pots, and planters to come up with your garden a new design. This color is symbolic of luxury, royalty, and elegance, so if whatever your choice is, planting a few of these purple flowers is the way to go. Are you ready to explore their beauty with us?

Most purple flowers can be categorized according to perennial and annual flowers. Moreover, they are so easy to grow and just need minimal care from them. Planting purple flowers in your garden can add rich thematic colors. Most of these purple flowers come with thick green leafy foliage as well that provides color throughout the season. Loving them, let’s start growing some in your garden or around your home now.

#1 Verbena Flowers

Image Credits: The Ofy

Purple Verbena Flowers are erect, they can be ornaments to your garden grounds, house walls, or in a hanging pot.

#2 Lavender

Image Credits: Redding

Purple Lavenders are easy to grow especially in sandy well-drained slightly alkaline soil. They are well-known for their relaxing and healing capacities and are used in relieving migraines, insomnia, and headache.

#3 Clematis

Image Credits: Novocom

Purple Clematis are very hardy, large-flowered, and grow intense purple flowers. The flowers bloom during the current year’s growth.

#4 Bellflowers

Image Credits: Homestratosphere

Purple Bellflowers are hardy plants that can grow full, showy flowers perfect for cottage gardens.

#5 Dwarf Iris

Image Credits: Firendsandfamily

Purple Dwarf Iris can be great ornaments in your garden as beds, borders, and fencing.

#6 Catmint

Image Credits: Gardenerspath

Purple Catmint flowers are related to catnips but have showier flowers and are useful in garden settings with their range of heights.

#7 Salvia

Image Credits: Whiteflowerfarm

Also known as Sage, Purple Salvia flowers are related to Kitchen Sage and grow small densely packed flowers on top of aromatic foliage.

#8 Peonies

Image Credits: Homestratosphere

Purple Peonies are large colorful bowl-shaped flowers with dark green foliage. These flowers are low maintenance and fragrant.

#9 Hydrangeas

Image Credits: Hgvt

Purple Hydrangeas are broad-leaved shrubs or vines with showy flowers. They are a great choice for group planting, borders, or containers.

#10 Daisies

Image Credits: Homestratosphere

Purple Daisies are hardy perennial flowers that move around to meet the sun, opening, and closing as the day starts and ends.

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