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26 Clever Garden Screen Ideas

Owning a patio, garden or backyard is lucky and certainly gives you an amazing feeling. This open space allows you to spend time with your loved ones. If you need some privacy, look at the list of the 26 Clever Garden Screen Ideas to enjoy your free time there. These garden screens are useful tools, not only to avoid the eyes of your curious neighbors but also to divide your garden into different spaces according to a tasteful distinctness.

When it comes to creating a private space, most people think of high walls or fences. In fact, they aren’t the only ways. And the recommendation is a great alternative that you can apply to have your own outdoor space with green life as well as add more personality and style to your outdoor space. Moreover, the screen also protects your area from harsh sunlight, wind, and heat. After reading the post, you surely will find a variety of screens to beautify your outdoor oasis.

#1 Bamboo Screen

Source: The-salutation

#2 Trellis Privacy Screen

Source: Gina-michele

#3 Garden Outdoor Privacy Screen Bamboo Plants

Source: John Yates

#4 Wood Privacy Screen

Source: Gardentrellis

#5 Privacy Screen Fence

Source: Beautyforasheshome

#6 Private Pergola

Source: Bhg

#7 Lush Tropical Screen

Source: Homestolove

#8 Long Wood Screen

Source: Gardenbuilders

#9 Long Wooden Garden Planters To Make Screen

Source: Gardentrellis

#10 Tall Pot And Ornamental Grass Screen

Source: Gardenloversclub

#11 Vertical Garden

Source: Thegardenglove

#12 Black Screen

Source: Adoremagazine

#13 Hedge Wall

Source: Digsdigs

#14 Vines for More Privacy

Source: Balconyofdreams

#15 Green Screen

Source: Gardenloversclub

#16 Mesh And Plant Pots

Source: Nordarchitecture

#17 Verticle Succulent Garden

Source: Futilish

#18 Hedge Privacy Screens

Source: Digsdigs

#19 Empty Bottle Screen

Source: Bottletreecreations

#20 Branch Screen

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#21 Willow Screen

Source: Gardeners

#22 Growing Tall Grass

Source: Brighterblooms

#23 Herbal Garden Screen

Source: Gardens.theownerbuildernetwork

#24 DIY Privacy Screen

Source: Nordarchitecture

#25 Pallet Privacy Screen

Source: Bragdonrealty

#26 Privacy Screen Wth Water Feature

Source: Hgtv

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