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26 Unusual Succulent Pot Ideas

Finding unique ideas to plant your succulents, check out our list today to get your inspiration. Of course, you can buy all kinds of fancy plant pots in any shop, but if you love DIY projects, you always come up with creative ideas, these ideas today are for you. And here are 26 Unusual Succulent Pot Ideas that you will be interested to try.

It’s amazing to reuse old pieces of items around the home, something that you are going to the trash and turning into interesting succulent pots. All you need is a good idea, a little effort, and free time, and then, your new treasures like DIY succulent pots will become new members. They are great for reusing projects to make cheap and special garden pots. Save and try some for the next weekend!

#1 Red Brick Succulent Pots

Source: Theanamumdiary

#2 Bird House Succulent Pots

Source: Livemaster

#3 Seashell Succulent Pots

Source: Totallythebomb

#4 A DIY Succulent Lantern Pot

Source: Hometalk

#5 Old Shoe Pots

Source: Pinterest

#6 Driftwood Pot

Source: Houzz

#7 Succulent Pots From Vintage Books

Source: Joyusgarden

#8 Brocken Clay Pot To Grow Succulents

Source: Daytodayadventures

#9 Hanging Ladle Pots

Source: Thescrapshoppeblog

#10 DIY Coconut Succulent Pot

Source: Homeandgarden.craftgossip

#11  Pine Cone Succulent Pots

Source: Tinselbox

#12 Tin Can Succulent Pot

Source: Weheartit

#13 Log Pots

Source: Primainspirace

#14 Egg-carton Succulent Pot

Source: Bitsquareblog

#15 Ammunition Box Succulent Pot

Source: Bhg

#16 Old Frame Planters

Source: Empressofdirt

#17 Wine Glass Pots

Source: Namita Dukare

#18 Succulent Birdcage Pot

Source: Thefancygarden

#19 Bamboo Succulent Pots

Source: Pinterest

#20 Cute Concrete Succulent Pot

Source: Instructables

#21 Teacup Succulent Pots

Source: Bhg

#22 Birdbath Succulent Pots

Source: Empressofdirt

#23 Guitar Succulent Planters

Source: Funkyjunkinteriors

#24 Tapestry Succulent Pillow Pot

Source: Edenmakersblog

#25 Mini Pots

Source: Finedininglovers

#26 Eggshell Succulent Pots

Source: Pinterets

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