27 DIY Rusty Metal Garden Ideas

27 DIY Rusty Metal Garden Ideas

Have you ever thought that the patina is romantic, rustic, and soulful? In the list today, we will show you this. When it comes to creating interesting and attractive landscaping, most of you will choose plants, flowers, stone paths, wood, stone, and water. However, you shouldn’t ignore rusted metal decorations. Just with a little creativity and an artistic touch, you can turn any rusted metal objects into beautiful additions for your backyard and garden.

Recycling is really a great thing as you can convert old and discarded things into something new and useful is even better. And these ideas today will bring you other interesting ideas on how old metal things can be reused in new and creative ways, from a shovel, basket, wagon wheel, pipe, and more. In addition, they also will help you to solve some everyday problems instead of tossing them out. If you are interested in them, have a look at our collection and make your own version!

#1 Rusted Metal Garden Art

Source: Balconygardenweb

#2 Rusty Metal Flower Planter

Source: Fineartamerica

#3 A Bottomless Rusty Flower Bucket

Source: Gypsyfarmgirl

#4 Rusty Garden Art From Old Tools

Source: Flickr

#5 A Snail Goes To Visits Flowers

Source: Flickr

#6 Rusty Metal Flowers

Source: Architectureartdesigns

#7 Wagon Wheel as Trellis

Source: Flickr

#8 Crystal Water Dripping Faucet

Source: Recycledcrafts.craftgossip

#9 Rusty Landscape Border

Source: Twitter

#10 Old Rusty Metal Mop Bucket Planter

Source: Dawn Solomon

#11 Old Rusty Tractor Or Cut Out Wheels For Planters

Source: Hometalk

#12 Rusty Metal Weeds

Source: Thegardenglove

#13 Rusted Pipes Become A Succulent Planters

Source: Agrowingobsession

#14 Unique Planters

Source: Bhg

#15 Metal Shovel Garden Sign

Source: Blessmyweeds

#16 Rusty Barbed Wire For Bird’s Nest

Source: Theverybesttop10

#17 Hanging Rusty Metal Planters

Source: Thegardenglove

#18 Succulent Planters

Source: Sowanddipity

#19 Beautiful Flowers

Source: Etsy

#20 An Awesome Waterfall

Source: Backyardboss

#21 Rusty Flower Garden

Source: Diyncrafts

#22 Rusty Tin Can Planters

Source: Architectureartdesigns

#23 DIY Birdhouses

Source: Lushome

#24 Rusted and Rustic Milk Pail Standing Vase

Source: Homebnc

#25 Rusty Cylinder Fence

Source: Farmfoodfamily

#26 Metal Landscape Edging

Source: Gardenista

#27 DIY Rustic Garden Decor

Source: Balconygardenweb

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