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28 Creative Home Decor Crafts With Mason Jars

Mason jars are no longer only used for canning your preserves of leftover foods and tasty smoothies. In fact, they are versatile that can quickly evolve from a statement piece with a flower vase or candle holder, mason jars are versatile, stylish, and fun. Thanks to the beauty of Mason jars, they promise to give your home a rustic touch without breaking the bank.

There’s truly unlimited when it comes to using Mason jars for creative home decor ideas, all will make you question why you never thought of them in the first place. To help you find a way to use them in your home, we compiled over 25 mason jar ideas. If you’re interested in designing your own, browse the list below that you can customize for any special occasion, from party favors to gifts paired with personalized Christmas cards. So, when your mason jars are empty, don’t toss them in the trash, let’s try some ideas that you will fall in love with!

#1 Shabby Chic Mason Jar

Source: Frillyandfunkie.blogspot

#2 Mason Jar Oil Candle Lamp

Source: Hearthandvine

#3 Christmas Mason Jar Lights

Source: Etsy

#4 A Fairy World In Jar

Source: Mahmut Kırnık

#5 Small Indoor Succulent Garden

Source: Dengarden

#6 Front Porch Lighting Idea

Source: Thenavagepatch

#7 Handmade Mason Jar Candle

Source: Etsy

#8 Mason Jar Toothpick Dispenser

Source: Domesticallyblissful

#9 Farmhouse Decor Cotton Arrangement

Source: Etsy

#10 Splendid Hanging Mason Jars

Source: Usefuldiyprojects

#11 Primitive Mason Jar Painted With Country Berries

Source: Missy Tyree

#12 Simple Mason Jar Candle Holder

Source: Topinspired

#13 DIY Snowy Mason Jars

Source: Apumpkinandaprincess

#14 Lavender Canlde Holder Idea

Source: Hotbeautyhealth

#15 Front Door Sign Rustic Welcome Sign

Source: Pinterest

#16 Repurposed Pin Cushion Mason Jar

Source: Hometalk

#17 Eiffel Tower

Source: Etsy

#18 Lighted Blue Mason Jar Idea

Source: Gladys Paulino

#19 Mason Jar Wall Decor

Source: Etsy

#20 Farmhouse Mason Jars

Source: Sassytownhouseliving

#21 Mason Jars With A Blue Patina

Source: Suburble

#22 Picture Centerpieces

Source: Brianne Hasson

#23 Farmhouse Home Decor Idea

Source: Jarfulhouse

#24 Mason Jar Utensil Holders

Source: Etsy

#25 Country Bathroom Decor Idea

Source: Vivadecora

#26 Mason Jar Window Treatment

Source: Kellyelko

#27 Mason Jar Flower Vase

Source: Homedit

#28 Mason Jar Tissue Holder

Source: Littleblondemom

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