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30 Brilliant Nature Painted Rocks To Add To DIY Projects

There is so much going with rock-painting activity. It requires patience, cleverness and creativity, making you and your kids have an enjoyable journey together. These painted rocks are a stunning home décor that are totally friendly to your budget. There is nothing better than beautiful handmade crafts. Placing them at any corner of the house would be great. Weekend is coming. Why don’t you pick it as a DIY family project?


We just love painting our rocks with nature patterns. Beautiful flowers, birds, cute little insects, sparkling galaxy,.. they are all our beloved topics. Here are 30 brilliant nature painted rocks to add to DIY projects. My family have tried some of them and we had a lot of time together. I understand my kids more and also inspire them the love for beautiful nature around us. Sometimes, learning something new is simple. We can start with simple yet interesting things. Ready to give these nature painted rocks a look?

#1 Seascape Painted Rocks

#2 Fall Painted Rocks

#3 Ladybug Painted Rocks

#4 Summer Story Stones

#5 Mermaid Painted Rocks

#6 Tiny Tree In Autumn Pocket Rock

#7 Painted Rock Sand Dune Beach Scene Ocean Waves

#8 Lavender Painted Rocks

#9 Pink Butterfly Flowers Starry Night Sky Painted Rock

#10 Rainbow Galaxy Button

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