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30 Charming DIY Fairy Gardens For Backyard

30 Charming DIY Fairy Gardens For Backyard

There are a lot of fantastic DIY projects to carry out in your backyard. Dress it up with pretty backyard fence, build a small vegetable, herb, and flower garden, turn it into a fairy garden that your kids would go crazy for… etc. All sound excellent. Some are incredibly simple to proceed while some require more time and budget. This depends on your backyard scale and your own need. The aim here is to add a focal point to your backyard and you get satisfaction with this.

In today’s post, we’re glad to share 30 charming DIY fairy gardens for backyard. If you’re seeking something to make your backyard more attractive, these are the way to go. These do not cost your backyard a lot of space but are pretty enough to make it a star in here. If you want to bring it into your garden, just go for it. They all work. People who are obsessed with fairy garden structures should never miss these. Let’s check them out!

#1 Fairy Tree Stump Succulent Garden

This tree stump succulent garden really gets me hooked. If you have a tree stump waiting for evacuating, just turn it into a succulent planters. Your flowers also do well in here. If you prefer, use it as a natural flower planter.

#2 Birdhouse Fairy Garden

Have no ideas for what to make with twigs? This birdhouse fairy garden is perfect for you.

#3 Barn and Silo

This tiny barn and silo brings a little farm-fresh fun to a fairy garden. Love it?

#4 Fairy Garden Chicken Coop

Love this fairy chicken coop? You can definitely build it into your herb garden.

#5 Fairy Garden Container

A wheelbarrow makes a great material to build fairy gardens. If you have an old one, you may try this stunning DIY project!

#6 Fairy House and Garden

Itching to pink? This fairy house and garden will blow your mind away!

#7 Farmer’s Market

Such a fantastic fairy garden idea for your backyard!

#8 Miniature Baby Pig Figure

A dream house for chicken and pigs. Your kids will go crazy for this miniature fairy garden.

#9 Pinecone Fairy House

If you’re obsessed with purple, this pinecone fairy house is perfect for you.

#10 Babbling River

Why not add a babbling river to your backyard fairy garden set up?

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