30 Creative Shade Gardening Ideas

During sunny summer days, a shady garden is a need for every family. It not only has the effect of “cooling”, but the shade in the garden also gives you a feeling of peace and relaxation after a long hard working day. Furthermore, your plants will also be protected by shade to grow healthy because direct sunlight can harm plants.

That’s the reason why in the post today, we are so glad to share 30 creative shade gardening ideas. So, if you are trying to control the amount of heat from the sun to protect your plants, or looking for a great place to hide the hot days, these ideas here are for you. Take a look at these shade cloth gardening designs and ideas and find which fits your garden best.

#1 Half Tent Canvas

Using steaks and a piece of canvas, you can create a small amount of shade for your little plants. These small half tent canvases are perfect for a single small raised garden bed.

#2 Small Structures

Use small gardening structures to enclose each section of your garden. You can place shade cloth on specific plants that need less sun and remove the cloth if less shade is needed. These structures are great for controlling growth in your garden as well.

#3 Propped Canvas

With tall steaks and a large spread of canvas, you can cover multiple flower beds with ease. This way, you can create shade to prevent direct sunlight that can harm most plants.

#4 White Cloth

White cloth tents are often fairly loose but still offset the amount of sun your plants are exposed to.

#5 Green Cloth Tents

Loose-fitted green cloth is great for deflecting the sun while still allowing ventilation for your plants. Cover short plants with arches of green cloth to let in the right amount of sun.

#6 Floating Covers

High-posted shade cloth will help protect your garden from the sun and frost. This technique is perfect for large gardens with a variety of plant life. Your plants can grow as tall as they want without being stifled by arches.

#7 Black Cloth Structures

Create your own shade garden with a full cloth structure. These dome-like greenhouses protect your plants from the sun instead of harnessing it. Black cloth is typically the strongest against preventing sunlight from reaching your plants.

#8 Thick Black Cloth Shade Gardening

Keep your plants protected with a thick black shade cloth. Thicker cloth has tighter threading and protects your plants from the sun to a greater extent. By placing your cloth low you can prevent all points of sunlight.

#9 Hanging Canvas

Drape your flower beds with sun-blocking canvas. You can let thicker layers down as the sun becomes more intense. Hanging canvas makes controlling the amount of sun and shades your plants receive easy.

#10 Green Roof Canvas

Shade gardening can be a major project if you want it to. You can use major structures that create a large spread of shade to foster plant growth while providing comfort to your plants.

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