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30 Recycled Indoor Planter Ideas

If you want to grow indoor plants in creative pots, do a quick search around your house to find recycled items or natural materials that can become unique planters! It’s time to replace ugly plastic nursery pots to grow your houseplants, these 30 Recycled Indoor Planter Ideas will inspire you to do some cool experiments.

Have you ever thought that any empty mason jars also can become spectacular new planters or even dried branches can be revived in another form? Just need a little bit of effort and a short of time, you can create a unique planter to decorate your house more impressive. Instead of spending your money buying all kinds of planters, you can own free dollar planters by reusing something that you are going to the trash. Basically, you just need to have a little effort and free time, and you can turn them into new treasures.

#1 DIY Succulent Planter Box

Source: Decorhint

#2 Bucket Planters

Source: Worthingcourtblog

#3 Mason Jar Wall Planters

Source: Decorhomeideas

#4 Book Planter

Source: Ducttapeanddenim

#5 Hanging Mason Jar Herb Garden

Source: Onelombard

#6 Ladle Planters

Source: Reciclaredecorar

#7 Natural Log Planters

Source: Pinterest

#8 Old Jean Planters

Source: Laughingsquid

#9 DIY Tall Planter

Source: Hometalk

#10 Wine Cork Planter

Source: Etsy

#11 Recycled Tea Tin Planters

Source: Exquisitelyunremarkable

#12 Upcycle Light Bulbs Into Planters

Source: Brit

#13 A Faux Stone Planter

Source: Craftberrybush

#14 Driftwood Planter

Source: Succulentsnetwork

#15 Magic Succulent Lantern

Source: Sexysucculents

#16 DIY Floating Window Plant Shelf

Source: Grillo-designs

#17 DIY Farmhouse Style Kitchen Herb Planter

Source: Thejoubertden

#18 Pallet Planter

Source: Greenme

#19 PVC Pipe Planter

Source: Chloedominik

#20 Plastic Bottle Planters

Source: Pinterest

#21 Tin Can Planter

Source: Behance

#22 Soda Coke Planters

Source: Andrea

#23 DIY Cement Planters

Source: Bybrittanygoldwyn

#24 Coffee Cup Planters

Source: Coolcreativity

#25 Seasell Planter

Source: Gardeners

#26 Egg-carton Succulent Planters

Source: Bitsquareblog

#27 Glass Cup Planters

Source: Lifeisaparty

#28 Coconut Shell Planters

Source: Tumblr

#29 Miniature Terrarium Planter

Source: Architecturendesign

#30 Pinecone Planter

Source: Pinterest

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