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5 Plants To Help You Have A Green Thumb Without Any Effort

There is nothing better than looking at the beauty of the plants right in your home, right? If you have not yet chosen the right plants to grow easily and with success, let’s start with one of 5 Plants To Help You Have A Green Thumb Without Any Effort below. They also are great options for those who are beginners and lack experience. Plants that you can’t kill, no matter how hard you try, are what you need!

There are many needs of plants from too much light, not enough light, too much water, to not enough water, and more, all are difficult to decipher. But, growing these plants will help you don’t need to care about these things. The simple reason, they are among the easiest to grow with basic care. So, growing them is a great way to help your indoor or outdoor space be more vivid and also help you gain confidence in gardening work. It’s time to start with just one easy plant, or select a few and get growing to fill your flower bed, porch container, or window box with their beauty!

#1 Heart-Leaf Philodendron

Source: Gardenerspath

Heart-Leaf Philodendron looks excellent when grown on hanging baskets. The plant loves humid environments, so mist it often for happy growth. Also, you just need to water the plant if the top of the soil appears dry 50-70%. Placing the pots in a window where it gets indirect southwest light is ideal for its growth.

#2 ZZ Plant

Source: Plantvine

ZZ Plant is a great candidate for forgetful plant owners because it just gets water when the soil is completely dry. The plant can endure low light and indirect light from the south.

#3 Aloe Vera

Source: Helloglow

Like succulents, aloe vera doesn’t require much water, so you only water it when the soil is completely dry. It grows well if placed on a sunny window ledge that gets bright light from the southwest.

#4 Snake Plant

Source: Thewateringcan

Growing Snake Plant in containers or pots in bright, indirect light. Also, you should not water much to avoid root rot.

#5 Rosemary

Source: Thespruce

This herb can be grown well from seeds and cuttings. It grows well both indoors and outdoors. You can grow it on a windowsill with full sun and moderate water. It also grows into a shrub when grown in the yard, prune it to keep it in shape.

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