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6 Vaseline Uses For Gardeners

Have you ever thought that a jar of Vaseline can help a lot of your gardening? It may sound strange, but the fact, it can act as an active supporter of your gardening. So, in this post today, we want to share 6 uses of Vaseline for the gardeners that you will have to surprise. If you are interested, check them out with us.

When it comes to Vaseline, most of you will think that it is one of the beauty products. Yep, it is a cosmetic that preferred by many women. But its true uses don’t stop here, there are a lot of uses that you can take advantage of them for your garden. For example, keep your tools rust-free, get rid of ants, make fake plants clean and shiny, discourage insects from climbing up on trees, … It is so useful, right? Just taking them a try for the first time, they promise to keep you amazed!

#1 Keep your Tools Rust Free

If you want to keep garden tools in top-notch condition by using Vaseline. You can apply a layer of vaseline on blades and edges after working with tools to protect them from rust.

#2 Get Rid of Ants

Because of the thick and sticky texture of Vaseline, so it works well when it comes to controlling ants and other insects. Thus, if you’re facing the ant invasion in your home or garden, dab some Vaseline on their entry points, hideouts, and trails.

#3 Keep Squirrels away from Bird Feeders and Birdhouses

This is a chemical-free, safe, and natural trick to keep squirrels away from bird feeders or anywhere you don’t want them to be. Coat the bird feeder pole with petroleum jelly. This will create a slippery surface for them and they’ll stay away from bird feeders.

#4 Apply Vaseline on your Hands after Gardening

Apply Vaseline on your hands after working with soil in the garden to moisturize them. It also repairs the fat cells impaired by dry skin. It is safe from chemicals and inexpensive.

#5 Make Fake Plants Clean and Shiny

Rubbing Vaseline on your fake plants looks shiny and natural using it. However, not apply to the leaves of real plants. It’s a simple Vaseline hack, clean the dust and wipe the leaves with Vaseline.

#6 Discourage Insects from Climbing up on Trees

Vaseline can help you if you want to discourage insects climbing up on plants and trees in your garden, especially ants that are notorious for their aphid and mealybug farming. Paint a thick band like Vaseline layer around the tree trunk, stem, or plant stalk (avoid smearing Vaseline on plant leaves). This will trap the ants and stop their traffic.

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