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7 Amazing Uses Of Coffee Grounds For Your Garden

Gardening tools are sometimes inexpensive at all. You can definitely make use of materials that have been around your home for gardening. These are chemical-free, so promise to work well with your plants and protect the environment. One of my favorite gardening hack is coffee ground. That it’s. The coffee ground that you brew in the morning should be sprinkled around your plants. Just see how it brings benefits to them. This would surprise you!

And, here are 7 amazing uses of coffee grounds for your garden. If you prefer environment-friendly gardening methods, you should never miss this. Not only is coffee ground is easy for you to get for free, it also does fabulous things for your plants. Such a powerful natural fertilizer! It boosts the nutrients in soil that your plants need for their healthy growth. Let’s check it out!

#1 Coffee grounds as mulch

Many plants, especially acid-loving plants appreciate coffee grounds as a mulch. Be sure to spread a layer about one-half inch thick for the mulch only unless your grounds will mold too readily.

Garden vegetables that prefer slightly acidic soil include peppers, radishes, sweet potatoes, eggplant, tomato plants, parsley, rhubarb, and potatoes.

#2 Coffee Grounds as fertilizer

Turning coffee grounds into as an organic fertilizer is very easy. Simply put about one-half pound of used coffee grinds in a five gallon bucket, fill with water, and stir.

Let this liquid sit for a few days to allow the nutrients from the coffee to seep into the water.

#3 Grow your own oyster mushrooms

Mushrooms, especially oyster mushrooms love growing on coffee grounds. It supports the growth of your mushrooms so well.

#4 Add used coffee grounds for plants and your compost pile

Mixed in soil, coffee grounds can help build the soil structure. The best way to do it is to add coffee grounds and grass clippings to the compost pile. It will put nitrogen fertilizer into your compost soil.

Make sure to balance the acidity of coffee grounds out with yard scraps, kitchen scraps, and a good source of calcium carbonate like wood ashes or lime to balance out the pH and also add more phosphorous.

#5 Coffee grounds create a protection ring

How to repel slugs and snails, worms, and other common garden pests for your vulnerable plants (like strawberries)? Simply sprinkle coffee grounds around your plants. These pests do not like the smell, acidity, or texture of coffee grounds.

#6 Coffee grounds to stain your garden benches

Your garden would crave a varnished or painted garden bench that leaches toxic chemicals into your soil every time it rains or you water your garden. Why not make it out of coffee grounds?

#7 Shoo away the neighbor cats

Unlike human, cats do not enjoy the smell of fresh ground coffee beans and fresh brewed coffee. If the neighbor cats dig up your garden, try spreading some coffee grinds in soil or around the edge of your garden.

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