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7 Best Beautiful Lush Houseplants

Choosing and growing lush houseplants will be an attractive and beautiful element to jazz up any home interior decoration. You can place them anywhere in your living space, from the living room, bedroom, and bathroom to the kitchen room. They promise to bring the best green space to rejuvenate your home, even health benefits from the psychological benefits of relieving stress to purifying the air.

There are countless green options you can choose from, it’s not always a straight arrow when selecting which plants best thrive indoors. So, in this article, we list down the 7 Best Beautiful Lush Houseplants that will surely brighten up your home and are easy, almost-fuss-free plants.

#1 Calathea makoyana

Source: Plantsrescue

Known as the peacock plant, the Calathea Makoyana produces a unique dark green and light leaf shape that resembles peacock feathers. If gets the right condition with good care, the plant grows lustfully and can reach about 30 cm in height.

#2 Peperomia plybotyra ‘Raindrop’

Source: Instagram

Peperomia plybotyra ‘Raindrop’ is a beautiful small ornamental plant with large, thick, juicy round leaves. It looks great when grown in terracotta pots. When mature, the plant will reward you with spikes of slender, creamy green flowers like erect tails.

#3 Rhipsalis baccifera

Source: Picturethisai

Rhipsalis baccifera belongs to the cactus family. It is an annual flower that has slender, branched, elongated stems resembling unrelated species. The plant displays smooth flowers with creamy white to pink like berries.

#4 Monstera Siltepecana

Source: Reddit

Monstera Siltepecana is a stunning flower that puts on a spear-like leaf shape, full of silvery motifs along with spreading dark green veins. This plant can grow well indoor spaces when getting good care.

#5 Monstera Deliciosa

Source: Mytastefulspace

Monstera Deliciosa is native to the tropical forests of Southern Mexico. Thanks to its easy-to-grow properties, it is preferred by gardeners. It can grow well in any condition, even in a low-light room.

#6 Peperomia Ruby Cascade

Source: Gardentags

Peperomia Ruby Cascade is a beautiful succulent to add to your home. It grows well in any indoor condition as long as watered quite often.

#7 Fiddle fig

Source: Hawthorneandmain

Fiddle fig is a lush indoor plant with large, veined, and shiny fiddle-shaped leaves on slender stems. If you want to make a focal point in your living space, the plant is one of the best options.

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