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7 Old Shoe Hacks In The Garden

You won’t believe your old pair of shoes could be useful in the garden until you see these DIY shoe hacks that we want to share in the post today. With these hacks, you can take advantage of your old shoes and turn them into a centerpiece for your garden. From now, instead of throwing them out, let’s save and give them new missions, they promise to keep you amazed.

Scrolling down slowly, they are so useful, right? They also are easy to make at home with only simple material, a few steps, and little effort. They can be a beautiful planter, impressive lantern stand, a utility bird feeder, or a self-watering planter…, all are great ideas for your garden. Save them and try some for your garden right now. Here we go!

#1 Make a Shoe Planter

An old boot will provide ample space to grow to any shallow root plant.

#2 Shoe Lantern Stand

This shoe lantern stand is a creative idea to try on your back porch.

#3 Shoe Bird Feeder

Keep this bird feeder in a sheltered spot that is away from the exposure of rain and wind.

#4 Self-Watering Planter

Shoelaces will transport the moisture naturally to the soil.

#5 Hanging Shoe Planter

Plant any low maintenance plant in a shoe and hang it using shoelaces. It’s impressive!

#6 Shoe Zen Garden

Making a Zen garden is also an option for you! So easy to make.

#7 Shoe Cement Planter

Make this ornamental golden shoe planter to grow plants. It’s easy!

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