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8 Gardening Supplies That Are At No Expense

I prefer natural supports for my garden. The reason is simple. They’re safe, inexpensive, and work so well. Let’s take bamboo as an example. It’s an awesome material to make trellis and plant supports. They keep the plants constructed, grow better, then produce more. Tomatoes, green beans, and cucumbers all need these. If you want to build a house to attract solitary bees, you can do it with bamboo stalks and woods.

And, here are 8 gardening supplies that are at no expense. They work with both beginning and experienced gardeners. These enable you to make use of things that are often thrown away or not much concerned. For instance, seeds of fruits and vegetables bought at stores can be saved to plant new plants. Do you often try this with your gardening? I give it a go and it actually helps. Sometimes, gardening does not need much effort and budget.

#1 Seeds

Many plants start with the seeds. This can be expensive, especially if you want special varieties. The point here is you can get many of the seeds for free. First is to join a seed exchange. Even if you don’t have any to offer this year, still join in and promise to share them the following season.

Second is to save seeds from organic foods bought at store. You can reserve the seeds of melons, squash, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers.

#2 Mulch

If you have get experience with gardening, you will know that mulching is a very important step. It will keep the weeds down, conserve water and helps protect the soil from eroding. You can start this DIY project with grass clippings from your summer mowing, old and leftover newspapers, and fall leaves.

#3 Plant Starts

Many plants might be hard to start with seeds. Beginning gardeners may also face this when starting their garden. And, there are some supplies for started plants that you can get for free.

Just ask stores that throw out plants that start to look a bit old and wilted. These plants weren’t at their healthiest but they pepped up just fine once they got in the ground. You can also try exchanging with your gardening friends who started their own seeds already.

And, replant plants from your kitchen scraps. Potatoes, onions, carrots, onions, garlic, celery, …they do a great job.

#4 Compost

Compost is definitely worth introducing here. It gives soils a nutrition boost. You can start with leaves, used hay from barn bedding or manure from animals.

#5 Bamboo

Bamboo is also a gardening supply that you can get for free. It’s the key material to make trellis and plant support structures. For instance, green beans grow better and produce more when provided with a trellis.

#6 Seed Starting Containers

Sow the seeds in containers (yogurt cups, milk cartons or cut-off jugs) until they become small plants (with roots and leaves), then replant in soil in your garden. By doing so, you can take care of new plants better.

#7 Plant Cuttings

You can propagate some plants with their cuttings. I tried with lavender and the new plants are growing well now. This saves you a lot of time and requires less effort than the same started with seeds.

#8 Pallets

Pallets are also an “at-no-cost” gardening supply that you should make use of. They’re an awesome material to make garden (or backyard) fence, planters, bee house,…

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