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8 Herbs That Can Boost Your Immune System

Herbs not only make your dishes more flavorful and tastier but also they have contained a ton of health benefits. And in this post today, we are so glad to share 8 herb types that can boost your immune system. If you want to check them out with us, keep reading.

They are one of the most popular herbs in cooking, they include parsley, thyme, mint, sage. Like nutritious vegetables, they can give you some essential nutrients that are good for health such as vitamin A, C, K. Eating them daily, it means you are protecting your body from illness. Besides, all of them are easy to grow, you can grow them right in your kitchen by windowsill or outdoor. Just a short of time, about a few weeks after seeding, you will start the first harvest. Save and grow them right now!

#1 Parsley

Parsley gives vitamins A, C, and K. This helps your body metabolize proteins and sugars better, combat osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, it serves as an anti-inflammatory agent, and helps prevent atherosclerosis.

#2 Sage

Sage has a high dosage of vitamin K, it helps prevent the formation of blood clots, reduces blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, and supports bone strength. It also has vitamin B6, which helps metabolize proteins and sugars.

#3 Rosemary

Rosemary is a great source of vitamins A, C, and manganese. It contains antioxidants that protect against cell damage, boosts the immune system, and helps the formation of collagen in the body.

#4 Thyme

Thyme contains vitamins A and C, so it helps with vision and immune functions. You can also add it to hot teas to help when you’ve got chest and respiratory problems, or use it as an oil that has strong antiseptic properties.

#5 Chives

Chives contain vitamin A which assists the body in metabolizing sugar and protein. They also have vitamin K which reduces your risk of blood clots, lowers blood cholesterol levels, and reduces blood pressure.

#6 Lavender

With its vitamin C content, lavender has healing properties that can help stave off the onset of colds as the weather gets cooler. It also has antiseptic properties that can be used as a salve in place of rubbing alcohol, perfect for use on children.

#7 Cilantro

Containing vitamin K, cilantro is also packed with phytochemicals that help the body fight disease and aging. It’s best consumed fresh when the leaves are crisp and bright green.

#8 Mint

Mint is a great source of vitamins A and C, it’s great for boosting immune health and vision functions. It’s also packed with antioxidants that fight against cell damage, boost the immune system, and produce collagen in the body.

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