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8 Low-maintenance Indoor Plants That Are Suitable For The Forgetful Gardener

If you are a forgetful gardener, you are reading the right post. The 8 Low-maintenance Indoor Plants That Are Suitable For The Forgetful Gardener are what you want. They are super easy! You just put it on the windowsill, watered it once, even forgotten about it. Whether you don’t have any gardening experience, you also can grow them successfully. Also, they can grow well anywhere such as gardens, containers, or pots.

Besides giving green space to any of the corners of the home, some are proven to bring a lot of health benefits such as pothos, aloe, snake plants, and others produce beautiful flowers to brighten up your living space. Each has its own beauty and use, so you can grow some types for every place in your space. No matter where you put them, they promise to keep you amazed by both outer beauty and inner benefits. After reading the list, we hope that you will find the ideal plant for your home.

#1 Burro’s Tail

Source: Crocus

Burro’s Tail produces succulent grey-green leaves that overlap on trailing stems. It is a wonderful houseplant and is perfect for those who want a plant with little maintenance.

#2 Aloe

Source: Kellogggarden

Aloe is a lovely spiky succulent that bears toothed leaves. Its ability to soothe skin and help burns heal makes many gardeners love growing it indoors. It’s also easy to grow and care for.

#3 Snake Plant

Source: Lady-penelopes

Snake Plant shows off sword-like leaves which can be found with shades of silver, white, or cream on them.

#4 Desert Rose

Source: Plantvine

Desert Rose features its thick grey stems, leathery dark green leaves, and bold pink, red, or white petals in spring. It is a lovely houseplant and requires a spot in full sunlight for optimum growth.

#5 Dracaena

Source: Interiorplants

Dracaena is an easy-going houseplant. Its colorful dark leaves bear bands of silver while it grows best in bright light

#6 Silver Jade

Source: Commonswikimedia

Silver Jade is an easy household plant that maintains and is easy to recognize as its silver-green leaves with edged in reddish-purple. If you want to grow this plant, place it where it can receive maximum sunlight.

#7 Pothos

Source: Swansonsnursery

Pothos is one of the most common houseplants. It grows quickly. Its leaves tolerate low light levels and don’t mind drying out a bit too.

#8 Geranium

Source: Nurserylive

Geranium loves to be placed in a sunny window. This plant comes in many colors such as red, white, pink, orange, or multi-colored blooms for your home, depending on the type. They also do well if you forget a watering or two.

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