8 Native Shrubs To Attract Birds To Your Garden

8 Native Shrubs To Attract Birds To Your Garden

Our garden would be more lively with the arrival of the birds. There are several ways to attract them. Plant flowers and perennials that they love, install DIY bird feeders where they can approach easily,… They are all rewarding journey. Imagine how relaxed you get when sitting on the bench, sipping a cup of good tea, and seeing the birds playing in your garden. It would be one of the most enjoyable moments of a day.

This post will let you know 8 native shrubs to attract birds to your garden. As there is so much fun when the birds come to visit your garden, why don’t you give these a look? Some of these plants are even appealing to pollinator. So good, right?

#1 Common Buttonbush

Common Buttonbush is also called Button Willow. It’s a part of the coffee family, and has a distinctive twisting trunk with crooked branches. This native shrub benefits a large number of Wildlife. Its flowers and fruit attract many pollinators and birds.

Keep in mind that its foliage is poisonous to livestock and other animals. So, make sure that you plant it in an environment where livestock and pets do not have access to.

#2 Ilex Berry Poppins

Ilex Berry Poppins is a cold hardy female Winterberry Holly ornamental shrub. Its blazing red berries that come in Autumn and Winter are an appealing food source for Wildlife.

#3 Viburnum Acerifolium

When Autumn arrives, the maple shaped leaves of this native shrub will turn burgundy with a purple gray color underneath. It’s an excellent source of food and shelter for Wildlife.

#4 American Hazelnut

The deep green leaves American Hazelnut turns to copper reds and yellows when Autumn comes. This shrub is a highly valued wildlife shrub producing nuts that are appealing to squirrels, foxes, deer, turkeys, woodpeckers, pheasants, as well as other wildlife. Its branches provide cover and nesting sites for birds.

#5 Wild Hydrangea

Wild Hydrangea is also known as Sevenbark, Smooth Hydrangea, and Tree Hydrangea. This shrub grows along ravine walls and slopes inside forest lands. There is one thing interesting that it’s used by Cherokee and Southerns for herbal traditions.

#6 Spicebush

The common names for Spicebush are Northern Spicebush, Common Spicebush, and Wild Allspice. It’s an important food source. Its leaves feed the Spicebush and Swallowtail caterpillars. Meanwhile, its ornamental ripe red berries feed migratory birds as they journey across the country.

#7 Tangerine Beauty Crossvine

This beautiful climbing woody vine produces orange-red trumpet shaped flowers. These are what attracts wildlife especially hummingbirds.

#8 Flowering Dogwood

This shrub produces berries that are appealing to many forms of wildlife. White blooms during the Spring to Autumn reddish purple foliage to Winter berries.

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