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9 Cute DIY Bird Cage Planter Ideas In The Garden

Have you ever tried using birdcages to create delightful plant centerpieces for both indoors and outdoors yet? With ideas that we want to share in the post today, they will tobe inspirations to you. If you are interested, let’s check them out with us!

They are so beautiful and impressive! If you are a creativity-lover, these ideas are for you. They are easy to make with requiring a few steps and simple material that you can buy outside or use old things in the house. Save them and make one decorate your house more beautiful!

#1 Succulent Bird Cage Planter

Transform a white birdcage into this interesting succulent planter for your patio or balcony. Since succulents require less attention, they are the best fit for this project.

#2 Flowers in Birdcage

Colorful flowers caged inside a birdcage. This ornamental birdcage feature is easy to make.

#3 Bird Cage into Planter

Apart from being a showy element in the garden, this pretty birdcage planter can be a wonderful gift.

#4 Bird Cage Planter

You need sphagnum moss, potting soil, flowering plants, birdcage, and a perfect spot to display this art.

#5 Cagey Plant Hanger

You can make a mini flower garden like this and hang in front of your porch. So beautiful with little flowers!

#6 Miniature Succulent Bird Cages

This is probably the cutest of all the DIY birdcage planter ideas in the list, done with mini birdcages.

#7 Hanging Birdcage Planter

Fit coco liner inside a large birdcage and proceed with planting flower annuals or succulents.

#8 Succulent Birdcage Planter

Using assorted succulents of different colors to create this astonishing centerpiece like a DIY birdcage planter.

#9 Birdcage Planter

Display this birdcage planter to add a creative influence to your garden. You can hang it indoors or outdoors on a tree or near a door.

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