9 Soil Hacks To Maximize Your Harvest In The Garden

9 Soil Hacks To Maximize Your Harvest In The Garden

In the process of growth of the plant, apart from giving enough fertilizer, water, or sunlight, the soil also is one of the key roles that all gardeners have to care for. To have a successful garden, your soil must be nurtured. Healthy soil requires a balanced combination of nutrients. For example, iron serves as the ignition for the plants to produce chlorophyll and it is essential for photosynthesis. An iron deficiency can cause leaves to turn yellow. So, now it’s time to consider what to feed your soil in order to make it healthy again.

That is the reason why we want to share 9 soil hacks to maximize your harvest in the garden. Giving the post a look, you will see that all ingredients are available in your kitchen such as coffee grounds, teas, eggshells, fish, ashes… Although they are ready to lie into the trash, they have gardening powers if you know the ways to use them. Let’s save them to feed your soil essential nutrients right now!

#1 Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds can raise the nitrogen level in the soil. The grounds contain a large amount of nitrogen so this can help your plants grow faster. They also contain potassium and phosphorus, meaning that the grounds offer all three of the essential ingredients for fertilizer. It also encourages beneficial microorganisms and earthworms will be attracted to your soil.

#2 Tea

Aerated compost tea is one of the best ways to improve your soil. Aerated compost tea is a “water-based oxygen-rich culture containing large populations of beneficial aerobic bacteria, nematodes, fungi, and protozoa, which can be used to bioremediate toxins.” It’s full of tiny microorganisms that make the soil fertile and healthy.

#3 Banana Skins

Bananas are one of the best fertilizers around, as they’re high in calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as a host of other minerals, that are essential to the soil’s health.

#4 Water From Boiling Eggs

Using the water from boiling eggs sounds strange but it is so useful for your plants. All you need to do is reserve the water used after boiling eggs. When the eggs boil, calcium leaches into the water and creates an excellent feed for your plants. Let it cool completely before you use it.

#5 Eggshells

Eggshells are also loaded with calcium and you can make good use of them. Placing crushed eggshells in soil that’s around your tomato plants can prevent blossom-end rot. Just sprinkle them around the base of plants in order to keep those pesky snails and slugs at bay, and add them to your compost bin, in order to reduce acidity.

#6 Oyster Shells

Oyster shells can be made a slow-release fertilizer to keep the soil healthy. Crush them up with a rolling pin, making the pieces as little as possible. They contain calcium carbonate that makes the soil more alkaline, so you’ll want to use it around plants that thrive in alkaline soil.

#7 Aspirin

Using aspirin will help strengthen the immune system of your plants so they will fight diseases easier, and stimulates flowering too. To use aspirin, just add one-and-one-half aspirins to two gallons of water. Put it into a spray bottle and then spray your plants every 3 weeks.

#8 Fish Heads and Other Fish Parts

Fish are rich in nutrients that plants adore. You can grind up fish parts and make your own fertilizer.

#9 Ashes

Ashes have a high alkaline content as well as trace amounts of potassium and calcium to help encourage blooms. If you have acidic soil, sprinkle the ashes around plants that thrive in alkaline soil, such as lilac, roses, and hydrangea.

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