Best DIY And Cheap Container Vegetable Gardening Ideas

Best DIY And Cheap Container Vegetable Gardening Ideas

Nowadays, growing veggies, fruits, herbs, or microgreens at home is the newest trend that many people love. The simple reason, they are organic vegetables, NON-GMO foods. So, they are safe at every family meal. There are a lot of the benefits directly or indirectly of home-grown vegetables, so why you don’t create your own fresh garden?
Best DIY And Cheap Container Vegetable Gardening Ideas
And here we are glad to share Best DIY And Cheap Container Vegetable Gardening Ideas that you absolutely have clean and green vegetable gardens under your own ways. These are easy to grow, just taking them a look, you also can imagine ways to start. Besides, you can take care of them easier such as fertilizing, watering, or protecting them from insects. Moreover, they will save your budget significantly, and they are also good ways for healthy activity than just watching a film on the internet. Ready to check them out!

#1 Bucket Garden Idea

This is one of the best, cheapest and DIY vegetable garden ideas. To make this: Firstly, clean and sterilize the buckets. Secondly, make some holes at the bottom of the buckets. Thirdly, add some gravel at the bottom, about 1 inch. Then add good kind of potting soil in them. After adding potting soil in the bucket, you are good to go. Now plant whatever you want!!!

#2 Compost Bag Vegetable Garden Idea

If you don’t have a bucket in your home. No problem, you can grow so many vegetables in a compost bag directly as direction below:
Shake the bag full of compost, to loosen up the compost. Cut a slot out of the bag. The number of slots depends on the kind of plant. After cutting slot out of the bag, plant your seedlings or sow seeds in that space.

#3 Cheap Grow Bags Made Of Fabric

Grow bags made of fabric are the coolest. They are cheap, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, easy to carry and reusable. Growing your food in the fabric grow bags is very easy. Just put some potting mix in grow bag and you are good to grow your own food.

#4 Old Tires Garden Idea

Use good kind of potting soil for tires to grow vegetables. You can grow almost everything in tires. If your tires are small in size, grow salad greens, like lettuce in them. Paint the tires in different colors. They will definitely add a layer of beauty to your home.

#5 Plastic Bottles Garden Idea

Growing in plastic bottles is a new trend. Do not throw away your soda bottles. You can grow your own salad in plastic bottles. Growing bigger veggies will need bigger bottles.

#6 Vertical Plastic Bottles Garden Idea

If you are dealing with the space problem, this might be the best idea for you. Let’s collect some plastic bottles and make a vertical vegetable garden like this.

#7 One-Pot Herb Garden Idea

This is another great idea to cop with the space problem. All you need is a pot, soil, and some seeds, you can have your own herbs garden in no time. You can plant 15 different herbs in this kind of pot. You can also grow strawberries in this pot.

#8 PVC Pipes Vegetable Garden Idea

There are so many ideas to use old PVC pipes to grow your food mostly herbs and salad greens. You cut them from the center and grow your plants in them. Or make some holes in a pipe and use them to grow.

#9 An Old Tree Container Idea

This is the coolest idea ever to grow veggies. If you have an old tree stump in your home, you can make it a most beautiful container ever. You some tool to make space for soil inside the tree stump. Put potting soil in that space. Sow some seeds of salad greens or plant seedlings. Water them when needed.

#10 Mason Jar Herb Garden

If you want your window full of beautiful green herbs then a mason jar herb garden is a good option. All you need is a few used mason jar (or you can buy new) some pebbles, soil and seeds or seedlings of herbs.

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