Does Ryan Gosling’s ‘The Fall Guy’ Feature Taylor Swift’s Music? Here Is the Truth

Very select few personalities like Taylor Swift exist in the recording industry whose influence beyond the dictums of music weighs as heavily. Be it from her authoritarian journey in the sports world of the NFL or her beckoning on Hollywood’s shoulder for critical acclaim, Swift’s road to prominence has multiple entrances. As of now, one of those gateways cues at her music’s potential feature in Ryan Gosling’s upcoming action-comedy The Fall Guy.

When the trailer premiered at first, speculation started swirling, fueled by a scene showing Gosling experiencing an emotional moment while listening to a song by Taylor Swift. But whether it is just a highlight of the trailer or the movie remains a question.

The truth behind Taylor Swift’s song in The Fall Guy

David Leitch’s The Fall Guy premiered on March 12 at the SXSW Film Festival and the truth bombs have been delivered, henceforth. For the fans awaiting to get the nod, there are many testaments to attest to this. Scott Menzel, the TV journalist, took to his X (formerly Twitter) handle to praise the film as one of the “most fun” movies of the year while aiding the Swifties’ concern. For him, the use of Swift’s ‘All Too Well’ track was “absolutely brilliant” and strategic.

During the Oscars ceremony, Deadline even posed the question to Leitch and Kelly McCormick about the teaser from the Super Bowl and whether it would bring forth some “stunt” scene performances by Swift, given her proficiency in acting. While both displayed their enthusiasm to have her on board for something of that sort, the probability laid more on Colt Seavers crying on Swift’s songs than her performing the stunts. However, following the premiere, not only have good reviews flooded socials but applause has made its way for accurately merging Swift’s song.

That being said, now the question is whether ‘All Too Well’ is the only track to feature the movie or Colt Seavers’ leaning as a Swiftie can make way for more.

Will there be more tracks by Taylor Swift in The Fall Guy?

When Swift brought Sadie Sink on board for her All Too Well short film, the audience would have hardly guessed that the track of the same name would get featured in the cinema world of the future. But since it has, now almost every collaboration rumor mill seems like a possibility, especially after Joe Keery’s tease. While the world of Upside Down has gotten very well familiar with Swift, how could Hollywood stand back? Hence, David Leitch teased to Variety that “there’s some Taylor” without giving too much away.

He added, “We love Taytay and so does Colt Seavers”. Continuing further to elaborate on his preference, Leitch shed light on this to The Hollywood Reporter that the emotional veracity of Swift’s song has the required depth to highlight both Seaver and the story’s emotional palette. As of now, not only has the audience found that emotional connection but also is lauding the director for this inculcation. But for Swifties worldwide, the joyride needs to wait since the movie hits the theatre on May 2nd.


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