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Easy And Cheap Garden Stair Ideas

Adding DIY steps and stairs to your garden is a great way to enhance your outdoor landscaping, so if you are finding ideas to upgrade your garden, our recommendations today are for you. Garden stairs are less formal than indoor stairs, so you don’t need to follow precise measurements and you can DIY them according to your favorite and popular material for building stairs such as stone, wood, or brick to give a natural and free-forming look. Browse the below ideas and choose your favorite one to boost the garden.

Scrolling through these ideas you will see that they are unique and friendly to nature, right? Each has its own beauty and you will surely get your own inspiration. Not only made from natural materials but some of them are also made out of old things like old logs or old tires. Regardless of any ideas, they are inexpensive and quite easy to make at day-offs. Are you ready to save one and try making it?

#1. Brick Garden Stair

Image source: Photobotanic.photoshelter

#2. Mossy Steps

Image source: Deviantart

#3. Logs With Crushed Stones Make Garden Steps

Image source: Silahsilah

#4. Curved Wooden Garden Steps

Image source: Thestylesaloniste

#5. Wooden Garden Stair

Image source: Modrastrecha

#6. Wood with Pebble Garden Stair

Image source: Deavita

#7. Natural Garden Stair

Image source: Gardeningsoul

#8. Wood And Crushed Stones For Garden Steps

Image source: Hgvt

#9. Old Wooden Garden Stair

Image source: Architectureartdesigns

#10. Simple Log Garden Steps

Image source: Freshideen

#11. Cinder Block Garden Steps

Image source: Homedit

#12. Black Wooden Garden Stair

Image source: Agreenhand

#13. Old Tire Garden Stair

Image source:

#14. Iron Garden Steps

Image source: Dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot

#15. Rock Garden Stair

Image source: Flickr

#16. Log Steps

Image source: Flickr

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