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Easy DIY Bottle Caps Ideas To Adorn Your Garden

It’s hard to believe that you can make out of many cool things from junk! Stay here and read our Easy DIY Bottle Caps Ideas that you will trust. All of these ideas here just need a little creativity or your skill hand, and then they will become re-used things like free gifts. Add them to give your garden a funny and cool look. With billions of bottle caps flooding every day, every year, these ideas are great ways to protect to reuse them!

Recycling bottle caps is exciting, creative, and eco-friendly. Also, they are small and easy to craft. Instead of throwing your bottle caps away, let’s save and turn them into your own artworks such as plant pots, garden markers, wind chimes, faux flowers, outdoor tables, and more. Not only turn used bottle caps into unique and functional or decorative objects to decorate the garden more interesting but you can also teach your kids to be creative while having lots of fun. Save them and try some!

#1 Bottle Cap Stepping Stone

Source: Pinterest

#2 Round Bottle Cap Table

Source: Mungfali

#3 Plastic Lid Ladybugs

Source: Craftsbyamanda

#4 Garden Markers

Source: Peanutblossom

#5 Bottle Cap Garden Art

Source: Imelda Parrenas

#6 Bottle Cap Flower Pot

Source: Pinterest

#7 Bottle Cap Flowers

Source: Neverthyme

#8 Bottle Cap Rain Chain

Source: Thehumphrieshouse

#9 Bottle Cap Walkway

Source: Construbasico

#10 Bottle Cap Wind Chime

Source: Happystronghome

#11 DIY Outdoor Chair

Source: Phoenixcommotion

#12 Bottle Cap Tree Trunk Table

Source: Instructables

#13 Bottle Cap Tree

Source: Ephemeralalchemy

#14 DIY Bottle Caps Garden Wreath

Source: Corkscapscoins

#15 Wine Cork And Beer Bottle Cap House For The Birds

Source: Barbara Wiggins

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