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Effective Natural Pest Traps For Your Healthy Organic Garden

Effective Natural Pest Traps For Your Healthy Organic Garden

You know that when it comes to ways to repel pests in the garden, most people will think about the types of insecticides that have effects quickly. However, most store-bought solutions are expensive and potentially hazardous to your health. Luckily, there is another effective way to get rid of them and that is using natural traps. So, if you are looking for ways to get rid of harmful pests from your garden, let check out great solutions with us in the post today!

These homemade pest traps will help you remove pests such as pesky ants, flies, gnats, and other insects without having to worry about chemicals harming your plants, or even more importantly, your health, they are environmentally friendly as well. These ways are safe, cheap and so effective. So, let save these ways and apply them to your garden if these trouble makers appear in your garden.

#1 Apple Codling Moth Trap

Image Credits: Morningchore

To get rid of the apple codling moth, you can hang deceptive traps in your fruit trees. Simply coat a red- or green-colored tennis ball with some petroleum jelly. And then, you hang it in your trees, they will think it’s a piece of juicy fruit for them to destroy. They’ll get trapped in the sticky substance and you can remove them easily after that.

#2 Aphid Trap

Image Credits: Humai

To get rid of this harmful pest, you can make a sticky trap out of a yellow playing card coated with a sticky substance, like syrup or petroleum jelly. Place the sticky traps among your most vulnerable plant. Once you’ve caught a large number of insects, you can dispose of them by emptying the traps into buckets of soapy water to remove them.

#3 Silverfish Trap

Image Credit: Moyerpest

A simple way to get rid of ò this silverfish is to make a natural trap using glue boards or sticky cards. Use some duct tape with the sticky side up on a piece of cardboard, folding it over at each end. And then, let’s put some bait, like peanut butter, in the center of the card to entice the silverfish to crawl on over.

#4 Ant Trap

Image Credits: Businessinsider

In places that trouble ants live, you just mix boric acid with a bit of honey or sugar water and place it in a shallow container in a spot. However, you shouldn’t apply this way if there are any pets or children around.

#5 Cutworm Trap

Image Credits: Morningchores

You can make a natural trap by involving placing a piece of cardboard tube like an old toilet paper tube around the stem. And then, press the collar a few inches into the ground, keep the seedling safe until it’s a bit larger and less susceptible to predation from cutworms.

#6 Cucumber Beetle Trap

Image Credits: Morningchore

You can make bottle or jug traps with entry holes and add attractants or baits like cucumber peels to lure in unsuspecting cucumber beetles. This method will the effects after some time from a week or two before you move on to something else.

#7 Fruit Fly Pest Trap

Image Credits: Plantwise

You can use a clear plastic bottle with a narrow mouth. Filling the bottle with bait and hang the trap in your fruit trees. Mixing one of the items above with a bit of dish soap will make your trap even more effective. The fruit flies will get into the bottle easily but will have a hard time getting out.

#8 Caterpillar Trap

Image Credits: Morningchores

To get rid of snail and slug pest trap, simply tying burlap or bits of cloth around the trunk at chest height. As the caterpillars look for hiding places, they will get trapped inside the fabric. After that, you will still need to empty the traps and then dispose of the caterpillars in buckets of soapy water to kill them.

#9 Snail and Slug Pest Trap

ốc Sên ăn Gì
Image Credits: The Ofy

This is one of the simplest ways to get rid of snail and slug that you should try. You just make a beer trap by pouring some stale beer into a shallow dish and placing it in the garden. Besides, add a bit of bread, sugar, or flour to make the trap even more effective. The slugs and snails should crawl in and will drown, unable to get themselves back out.

#10 Mealybug and Scale Insect Trap

Image Credits: Morningchores

To remove this mealybug and scale, you can make a natural pest trap out of double-sided sticky tape. And then, you can then dispose of the tape once it’s filled with insects.

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